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Once Vishwamitra Maharshi decided to perform Yagya in a dense forest. A monster named Tataki, who did not want people to live happily, summoned his younger brother Marichudi and some other demons and ordered them to make small sacrifices. Maharishis and others used to destroy the sacrifices made by the sages for the protection of the world now and then. No matter how many times the Yagya was started, the Maharishis could not finish the Yagya without any trouble. Vishwamitra realized that the palm was the source of these injustices. He knew the events of the future with his divine vision.

Dasharatha Maharaja hesitated to send Ramalakshmana along with Vishwamitra to slay the demon but later sent when the dynasty chief Vashisht dared. The Ramalakshmans took their Danas and set out with Vishwamitra to the dense forest where there was a shrine. Vishwamitra started another Maru Yaga. Palm got there with his accompanying monsters. When Lord Rama, who had come for the extermination of the Asuras, found out that it was a woman who had come to stop Yaga, he retreated, and Vishwamitra tapped him on the shoulder and ordered him to shoot a bow at the demon.

Sri Ranganadha Swamy Temple - Tadipatri 

Lord Rama pointed the arrow at the sage. Ramu’s arrow hit the huge palm and landed. Tataki attained Nirvana because of death by Vaikunthanadhu. The rest of the Asuras broke the run when they learned of the palm massacre. The sacrifice began and went on uninterrupted.

Vishwamitra said that a Shivalinga should be erected to atone for the extermination of the Asuras. Determined to slay the palm, Lord Rama searched for a suitable place, determined to enshrine the Shivalinga in the place where she had left her survivors. When Lord Rama entered the banks of the river Penna, he was overjoyed to see Kailasanadha in the form of a spontaneous linga in spring in a small area. Knowing that the Swayambhuva lingam worshiped by Parasurama was the same, Vishwamitra asked him to glorify that lingam there. Lord Rama enshrined that linga and performed pujas with devotion.

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The slaying of the demon compensated for the error obtained by slaying a woman. On the way to Ayodhya after that, under the guidance of Vishwamitra, Lord Rama defeated Janaki Maharaja’s daughter Janaki in Swayamvaram and married her.

Nirvana of Tataki Moksha Sri Ramu All these scenes are things that Vishwamitra somehow knew with his divine vision. The place where the palm attained salvation is today considered to be the palm tree. The lingam where Lord Rama is worshiped is called Ramalingam. The temple was built. BC The construction of the temple started in the year 1460 and was completed in the year 1475 BC. Bukka is named after the Ramalingaswamy Temple. One can see an amazing sculptural skill.

The forest area where Vishwamitra performed the sacrifice is known as Alurukona, which is located on a cliff near Tadipatri. Legend has it that the shrine was built by a king named Erramma Thimmaraju who ruled in the 14th century.

A mandapam in front of Lord Garuda and then the sanctum sanctorum. The idols of Sridevi and Bhudevi are seated at the feet of the idol of Sri Ranganadha Swamy Temple with his head on the west side facing east and his legs facing east. In the navel Brahma realizes.

The idols of Sri Ranganatha, which are usually placed on the relics, are made of clay. But the idol of Sri Ranganatha lying in this field is a black stone idol. Vaishnava Guru Sri Ranganadha Swamy Temple built a sanctum sanctorum for them. Rows of cones appear in the outer wall. Swami’s procession on flag hoisting, lion carriage, and Hanuman vehicles takes place in the ruins.

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Sri Ranganadha Swamy Temple - Tadipatri

Timings to visit 

06:30 AM – 01:30 AM | 05:00 AM – 07:30 PM

Festivals celebrate at Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple

  • Brahmotsavam – Chaitra Masam
  • Ugadi
  • Sri Rama Navami
  • Rathotsavam,
  • Kalyanotsavam

How to Reach Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple

By Air: Kadapa Airport – 99.7 km, Tirupati International Airport – 244 km,

By Train: Tadipatri Railway Station – 5 km, Anantapur Railway Station – 61 km, Gooty Railway Station – 12 km,

By Bus: Anantapur – 62 km, Tadipatri – 7 km, Gooty Bus Station – 8 km,


Aluru kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Tadipathri Mandal, Juturu, Aaluru, Alur, Andhra Pradesh 515415, India.

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