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Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple, Once Shri Vashishta Maharshi lived here and went to penance worshiping Lord Venkataramanswamy for over 800 years, who in turn gave his darshan on the day of Ashada Shuddha Dwadashi. To mark this event Maharathothsava is being held every year even now. After getting Tapasiddhi with the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara left the place.

As a result there was nobody to perform pooja to Lord Venkataramanaswamy installed by Vashishta Maharshi. As the days passed the ashrama built by him has perished and the statue (Vigraha) of Lord Venkataramana Swamy installed by him submerged in the earth. After the lapse of thousands of years the palegar of Chithradurga who were ruling the area 800 years back. They were the devotees of Thirupathi Thimmappa i.e. Venkataramana Swamy. On one occasion Shri Thimmappa Nayaka one of the Palegar of Chitradurga had a dream of getting the darshan of Lord Venkataramana and had a direction of the lord to construct a temple for him and can have his darshan instead of Thirupathi. Thimmappa Nayaka was in fix to know the geneusness of his dream. Then lord Venkateshwara again appeared in his dream and told that he can be found on top of the hill. If the palegar follow the route along with Tulasi (Basil) male which can be found at the bottom of the hill.

Accordingly, Thimmappa Nayaka found the Venkateshwara statue (Vigraha) on the top of the hill following The Thulasi male. As such the place has named after male as Malekallu and with a result the Palegaras can have the Darshan of Lord Venkataramana instead of at Tirupati. Hence that has been named as Malekallu Thirupathi and is on the top of the hill and has got over 1200 steps.

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At the downhill of theAmaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple, Lord Govindarajaswamy lives. The Utsav Murthy (festival deities) of the main deity (Lord Vekataramana Swamy) is housed at Govindarajaswamy temple itself. In view of inconvenience on top of the hill for performing Rathothsava and another similar type of Uthsavas.The Govindaraja Swamy temple was built by Palegar Thimmappanayaka as he has found the Govindaraja Swamy statue (Vigraha) while constructing a lake to solve the drought problem.

As such the Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple on top of the hill was called as Amaragiri Tirupathi and the temple at downhill has been called as Govindaraja Pattana (town). Another important aspect of the place is that while at Thirupathi Lord Venkataramana is installed on the hilltop and the Govindaraja Swamy at the downhill, Hence at Malekallu Lord Venkataraman and goddess Padmavathi are installed together on top of the hill.

The newly wedded couple of the area are having the practice of visiting the Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple as a ritual. The temple was renovated recently in the year 1990 by installing a new chariot for the uthsava. Performance of Kalyanothsava here is a ritual practice and devotees witness the temple in large numbers.

Timings to visit Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple

All days of a week: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Daily Pooja/Seva Timings: 07:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Special Pooja/Seva Timings: 06:00 AM – 08:30 PM

Festival Pooja/Seva Timings: 06:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Important Festivals at Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple

# Ugadi, Shriramanavami, Dodda Garudotsava, Asahada Shuddha Dwadasi, Ashada Shuddha Triyodasi, Vaikunta Ekadashi.

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# Rathothsava starts on the day of Ashada Shuddha Panchami and till the Ashada Bahula Shrasti with different Poojas and programs conducted every day.

Daily Sevas

No.  Seva  Cost  Timings
1 Shreeyavara Abhisheka 25/- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
2 Ammanavarige Abhisheka 25/- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
3 Kayadde Uthsava 50/- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
4 Shree Kencharaya Swamy abhisheka 25/- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
5 Gundamma Devara Abhisheka 25/- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
6 Tulasi Archane 5/- Temple Timings
7 Kumkumarchane 5/- Temple Timings
8 Sahasranama 25/- Temple Timings
9 Kai Rathada Melina Uthsava 75/- Before 12:00 PM
10 Garudothsava 75/- Before 12:00 PM
11 Pushpa Yagotsava 50/- Before 12:00 PM
12 Gajarohana 75/- Before 12:00 PM
13 Pakshi Vahanotsava 75/- Before 12:00 PM
14 Anjaneyothsava 75/- Before 12:00 PM
15 Sheshothsava 75/- Before 12:00 PM
16 Kai Anjaneyothsava 50/- Before 12:00 PM
17 Thulabhara Kanike 75/- Before 12:00 PM
18 Marriage Kanike 50/- Before 12:00 PM
19 Kalyanothsava 150/- Before 12:00 PM
20 Mande Kanike (for 1 person) 25/- Temple Timings
21 Upanayana 50/- Temple Timings
22 Choula 50/- Temple Timings
23 Nivedane Kanike 10/- Temple Timings
24 Shree Kencharaya Swamy Thalige 10/- Temple Timings
25 Shree Gundamma Devara Thalige 10/- Temple Timings
26 Namakarana 25/- Temple Timings
27 Pooja to steps by braking the coconut 500/- 8:00 AM
28 Brahmothsava 500/- 8:30 AM To 12:00 PM
29 Mudre Kanike 15/- Temple Timings
30 Shree Sooryanarayana Swamy abhisheka 25/-

9:00 AM To 12:00 PM

How to Reach Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Temple?

By Air: Bangalore Airport – 193 km.

By Train: Arisikere Railway Station – 47.2 km, Mysore Railway Station – 4.1 km.

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By Road: Bangalore – 187 km, Mysore – 115 km 


Shree Venkataramana Swamy Temple, Malekal Tirupati, Arasikere Taluk, Hassan District. Pin – 573103

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