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Godachi Veerabhadreshwara Temple was created by Lord Shiva to destroy the yarns performed by King Daksha. The Veerabhadra temple displays a blend of the architectural styles of the Chalukya and Vijayanagara empires. The doorway is built reflecting the Chalukyan style, while the Garbhagraha is in the Vijayanagara Style of architecture. Veerbhadra is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva himself and is also considered one among the most devoted attendants of Lord Shiva.

Lord Veerabhadreshwara Swamy was born from lord shiva. After an incredible resentment of Thandava’s execution to slaughter Daksha Maharaj. This demonstration came because of Sati Devi’s(Parvathi Devi) father known as Daksha. He played out an amazing Yagna, which is known as the Dakshyani Yagnya. Here Shiva was not welcomed and the rest of the paradise dwelling place divine beings were required for this Yagnya. Sati Devi welcomed Shiva for her sake to come there. Be that as it may, Shiva would not come and send her alone. Sati Devi addresses her dad for not welcoming her significant other. Daksha lost control with her inquiry before different rulers present there and said he isn’t a God to be welcomed here. She was infuriated by his words and halted this yagnya by submitting self-immolation on a similar chimney where yagnya was to be performed. Knowing this penance of Sati Devi, Shiva made Veerabhadra execute Daksha. Realizing this, all radiant masters mentioned him to quiet down and requested to excuse and give them life. In this manner, Sati Devi was reproduced by his forces and she was subsequently known as the Parvathi Devi.

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The village of Godachi is most popular for the Annu Godach Fair or Jatre which is held during the months of November-December. This fair is held as a mark of respect to the primary deity of this temple, Shri Veerabadra.

Godachi Veerabhadreshwara Temple

Timings to Visit Godachi Veerabhadreshwara Temple

7 AM – 11 AM | 4 PM – 8 PM

Morning Rudrabhishekam – 06:00 AM.

Prasada/Free Lunch/Temple Free Meals: 12:45 PM – 2:45 PM.

Time Duration to Visit: 1 Hour

*Note: Amavasya and Poornima days are a huge rush on the Temple.

How to Reach Godachi Veerabhadreshwara Temple

By Air:  Belgaum Airport – 64.4 km, Hubli Airport – 73.0 km, Bijapur Airport – 89.9 km.

By Train: Guledagudda Road railway station 51.5 km, Badami railway station – 51.8, Alur railway station – 52.4 km, Ghataprabha railway station – 53.2 km, Gokak Road railway station – 53.4 km.

By Road: Ramdurg – 14km, Belagavi – 86 km, Savadatti – 41 km, Dharwad – 132 km, Hubli.


Veerabhadra Temple, Godachi, Belgaum, Karnataka, India 591114.

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Godachi Veerabhadreshwara Temple Map 


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