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About Maddi Anjaneya Swamy Temple

This region was ruled by Reddyraju Kings. The Shrine of Lord Anjaneya was found on November 1st, 1166 A.D. The temple architecture was designed by the famous architect Late Ganapathi Sthapati. Lord Hanuman with fruit in one hand and Gadha on the other hand. He is sitting on a Maddi tree with the wish of his devotee.

Once Madvasura was a rakshasa who worked along with Ravanasura in Tretayugam, though he is a rakshasa, he always used to live peacefully. During the Rama-Ravana war, he has seen Anjaneya Swamy and died duly uttering Hanauma! Again he was born as Madvakudu during Dwaparayugam and again used to live peacefully. During the war of Kurupandava, he fought in Kourava Sena and has seen Sri Anjaneyaswamy on the flag of Arjuna and died instantly.

During Kaliyuga he was born as Madvudu and touring across the country. While touring so he reached Yerrakaluva banks and started “Tapamu”. Every day he used to take bath in Yerrakaluva and started Tapas for Sri Anjaneyaswamy, during the period of tapas he became Madhava Maharshi, out of his old age he could not walk. While going to the river bank to take bath he was about to fall in the river, then a monkey helped Maharshi and brought him to the bank and the monkey served him with fruit as his food.

This was happening daily, but the Maharshi never thought about the monkey who served him fruit as his food. After few days the Maharshi looked at the monkey and came to know that the monkey was Anjaneyaswamy and requested the monkey (Anjaneyaswamy) to pardon him. Then Anjaneya Swamy appeared and told that he served the Rishi willingly and would also grant a boon of his wish. So, Rishi expressed his desire to be with Anjaneya Swamy all the time. For which Swamy asked him to take a shape of a Maddi Tree and he is always with him in the form of an Idol with fruit on one hand and Gadha on the other hand.

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Madvasura has done tapas on the banks of Yerrakaluva. It is believed that Anjaneya Swamy granted a boon to Madvasura to take the form of Maddi tree so that he would permanently be with him and this place would be famous with his name Sri Maddi Anjaneya Swami according to Madvasura’s desire.

Maddi Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Timings to visit

06:00 AM – 01:00 PM | 03:00 PM – 07:30 PM


Garbhalaya Darshanm – Rs.30

Kartika Maasa Garbhalaya Darshanam – Rs.50


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Seva Details 

Seva No. of Persons Allowed Cost
Annaprasana 2 25/-
Ashtotram 2 50/-
Kalyanam 2 1116/-
ChinnaVahanam Pooja 1 50/-
Monthly Pooja (One Month Only) 2 516/-
Panchamrutha Abhishekam 2 1116/-
pedha vahanam pooja 1 100/-
Gold 108 Leaf Pooja 2 500/-
Silver 108 Leaf Pooja 2 200/-
Yearly Nitya Pooja (One Year Only) 2 5116/-

Festivals celebrate 

Every Month on Purvabhadra star Janma Nakshatram Falls – Suvarchala Hanuman Kalyanam

How to reach Maddi Anjaneya Swamy Temple

By Air: Rajahmundry – 74 km.

By Train: Jangareddy Gudem Railway Station – 5 km

By Road: Jangareddy Bus station – 5 km, Eluru – 51 km, Vijayawada – 92 km


Sri Maddi Anjaneya temple, Jangareddigudem, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh 534447, India.

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