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There’s a huge Shiva temple from the 11th century called Shambhulinga temple – Kundagol, built by Western Chalukyas. It is built with highly polished stones, which are dovetailed into one another. The carvings and images on the pillars are well cut.On the side of the door steps of the temple, carvings of the Lion face a long scroll issuing from its mouth.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. Although damaged, the exterior of the temple is decorated with lotus and kirtimukha faces and apparently hundreds of Brahmanical images.

This temple was a victim of Muhammadans. It was repaired by a former chief (During 1808-9).

The temple is Ekakutachala, meaning has one Garbhagudi. Shambulingesvara Gudi is a 11th century temple built by the Kadambas and then later renovated by Chalukyas. Now the temple is being cared for; note the pillars around the temple supporting the stone canopy.

Shambhulinga temple - Kundagol

Timings to Visit Kundagol Shambhulinga temple

06:00 AM – 06:00 PM

How to Reach Kundagol Shambhulinga temple

By Air: Hubli Airport – 31.3 km

By Train: Hubballi Jn – 21.1 km,

By Bus: Kundgol Bus Stand, SH 137 – 500 mtrs, Bangalore – 405 km


Shri Shambhulingeshwara Temple, Kundgol, Karnataka 581113

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Shri Shambhulingeshwara Temple Map 

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