Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple dedicated to Saint Kottureshwara, is a renowned temple situated in the Bellary district in Karnataka. Every year people throng to this temple to get blessings. This is one of the ancient temples in South India and lies 19 km away from Kudligi, a quaint village in Karnataka.

Once Nandi was sent to the earth by Lord Shiva and Parvati to protect the Veerashaiva religion and the innocent people at Sarasipura/Shikapura (the earlier name of Kottur). Nandi disguised in a form of a saint and reached Shikapura. The saint was later called by people as Kottureshwara (Kottu or Kodu in Kannada means “Give” and Eshwar means “Lord Shiva”, the one who gives blessings.

The temple of Shri Guru Kottureshwara has four Mutts

Darbar Mutta/Doda Mutta: The big shrine or the king’s assembly. In this shrine, Lord Kottureshwara solved the problems of the people.

Murkal Mutta: Lord Nandi first descended and settled down in this shrine or Mutta.

Gachina Mutta: Lord Kottureshwara meditated in this shrine and reached Lord Shiva.

Thotal Mutta: The Lord blessed his devotee in this Mutta, who immediately had a child.

Timings to Visit Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple

04:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Important Festivals

Full Moon Days, Karthikotsava, Mahashivarathri.

Rathotsava or the Guru Kottureshwara Theru festival in which the Lord is kept inside a palanquin and the tribal people of the region serve him milk celebrated in the month of February or March before Shivaratri

The Ratha moves at a specific time on that particular day and this time depends on the time at which a particular Nakshatra or a star matches the Mula. This Ratha moves on its own a bit which signifies the presence of Lord Kottureshwara. After the Ratha moves on its own, devotees start pulling it and many offer garlands, coconuts, and bananas to the Lord.

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On the day of Rathotsava, devotees are given prasadam which is in the form of Dana(Donation/Serving). Another festival known as Karthikotsava is held in December every year. The temple is decorated with diyas for a period of six weeks, making the whole shrine brightly glow.

How to Reach Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple in Kudligi

By Air: Hubli Airport – 68.3 km, Bangalore International Airport – 443 km

By Train: Bangalore Railway Station – Harihar Railway station – Harapanahalli – Kotturu

By Road: Davangere – 129 km, Hagaribommanahalli – 28 km, Kudligi – 19 km drive.


Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple, Kotturu, Kudligi taluk, Bellary District, North Karnataka, India, 583134.

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Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple Map