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Gajendragad is a town that lies amidst several mountains. One has to climb a fleet of steps to reach the Shri Kalakaleshwara Temple. This temple is known for its unique Udbhava linga, which is worshipped by a large number of pilgrims. The ‘Athare Gange’ is a small tank that is situated at the exit of the temple. This reservoir is considered sacred and is of religious importance. It is a general practice of the Pilgrims, especially during the Utsav season, to bathe in the holy waters of this well first, before proceeding to get the darshan of Lord Kalakeshwarar.

The Kalakeshwara temple is situated at Gajendragarh and the principal deity worshipped here is Lord Shiva. The Kalakeshwara temple is also referred to as the Kashi of the South or Dakshina Kashi. Lord Shiva is the embodiment of the universal forces and is worshipped here in the Kalakeshwara form.

According to legend a day before the New Year, the pujari of the Kalakeshwara temple makes a limestone mixture. A brush is placed close to this mixture within the temple. It is said that the next morning when the pujari opens the temple premises, it would be painted anew. This is said to happen every year.

In the year 1970, it was observed that the bells in the temple suddenly disappeared. Elders say that the bells vanished into the blue skies. It was during this period that the village was struck by plague. Villagers are of the opinion that the disappearance of the bells is a bad omen and this could be one of the reasons for the spread of the epidemic.

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Shri Kalakaleshwara Temple

Timings to visit 

07:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Best time to visit Shri Kalakaleshwara Temple, Gajendragad: Shivaratri Utsav

How to reach Shri Kalakaleshwara Temple, Gajendragad

By Air: Bangalore Airport – 447 km

By Train: Koppal railway station – 39 km

By Bus: Gajendragad – 4.5 km


Shri Kalakaleshwar Devasthan, Gajendragad, Karnataka 582114 India.

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Shri Kalakaleshwara Temple Map


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