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Someshwara Swamy Temple is in the Garbhagriha in the form of Linga of 1.5 feet in height. The Bhuveneswaris of the Mukha mantapa, Vasantha mantapa, and inner Dola mantapa of Kalyana mantapa have Ashta Dikpalakas beautifully chiseled. There is a sub-temple for Parvathi in the northwest corner.

This grand Someshwara Swamy Temple is a specimen of Dravidian architecture built in a vast area with a big and beautiful outer Mantapa, Mukha Mantapa, Antharala, and Garbhagriha. The open Mantapa is the epitome of stunning beauty. The Kalyana mantapa in the Southwest and the Vasantha Mantapa in the northeast are very good Vijayanagara art and architecture models. The Someshwara Swamy Temple is every architect’s delight considering the beauty of Dravidian architecture. The huge gopura on the entrance stands testimony to the hand of the Cholas in the construction of this temple.

The Someshwara Swamy Temple has heavy Prakara walls, a Kalyana Mantapa (Wedding hall), a Mukha Mandapa with massive pillars, a Vasantha Mantapa (Marriage Podium), and a shrine for Goddess Parvati Devi. The Kalyana Mandapa has 64 – 16 sided pillars, depicting men, riding horses, and others representing mythological stories. The carvings on the pillars bear the influence of the European, Chinese, and Thai styles.

The Kalyana Mantapa’s top portion depicts a Chinese style of architecture and the Someshwara Swamy Temple tower boasts of stucco figures. Apart from this, the Vijayanagara inscriptions are found on the walls of the yoga shala and temple storeroom which date back to the 15th century A.D. The door frame of this magnificent temple is carved in pure Vijayanagara style with the dwarapalakas (guards).

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There is a granite bull carved at the entrance of the temple. The Someshwara Swamy Temple also has a large stepped tank in Vijayanagar style called Kalyani.

Temple Timings

6:00 AM to 12:00 PM | 05:30 PM to 09:00 PM

How to Reach

By Air: Bangalore International Airport – 35 km

By Train: Coromandel – 5 km, Bandarpet Railway Station – 15 km

By Bus: Majestic Bus Station – 3.5 km


Someshwara Swamy Temple, Ulsoor Rd, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Karnataka 560008 – India

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Someshwara Temple Ma. 


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