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About Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple

Some farmers along with cattle herders came to the Ravi tree where the idol was placed on the bank of the Kalangi river the day before. That’s it! Their surprise was endless. The herdsmen were terrified when the idol they had erected stood up yesterday evening. Apart from that, the pleasant and fragrant aromas of the surrounding area amazed and amazed them with their devotion.

The herdsmen thought that someone had erected a statue of them. The village elders who came with them, however, were impressed by the splendor of the idol and bowed with devotion. Determined to take the form of Mahishasuramardini to their village and worship it as a village force, they tried to move the idol from there. The statue, which was carried by four herdsmen, did not move as much as ten stubborn peasants tried.

Although everyone grabbed the idol by the head and pulled it hard, the hairy resident of the idol did not move. If that is the case then maybe the mother’s will is different. That night, one of the village elders, Reddy, had a dream in which he saw a woman in a dream. The next morning the Reddys told everyone their dream story and Sati came with them to the place where the idol was located.

There, on the banks of the river, the Reddigari was thrilled to remember the female figure who had appeared to him last night when he saw the statue of the Mother of God shining brightly with embodied aesthetics. He wandered in the ocean of bliss, remembering all the stories he had heard about the emergence of the Goddess and the rhythms of the Mother of God.

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Paying obeisances to the idol with devotion, he said to the satyrs, “Ayyalara, who is this idol? Dadi Katti Gudila was set up. That was the first temple built for the Mother of God. From that day onwards the peasants and herdsmen of the village would always visit the mother and worship the essence of their power with devotional attention.

Popularly known as the sacred Kaalangi River, the sacred river, now known as the Kaalangi River, was found in the form of Mahishasura Mardani, a statue of a herdsman floating in whirlpools to the river bank. The mother was nicknamed “Tenkali” as the idol, perched under a birch tree, stood up to face south. Tenkali means Dakshina Kali in Tamil.

Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple


Name  Ticket Cost Person Allowed 
Abhishekam 350/- 2
Cheera Kattubadi Rusumu 100/- 2
Laksha Kumkumarchana pooja 100/- 1
Pallaki Seva 1500/- 5
Poolangiseva 550/- 2


Name Ticket Cost Persons Allowed
Abhisekam Darshanam 20/- 1
Archana 10/- 1
Chinna Therdam (Cock Worship 25/- 1
Four Wheeler Vehecles Pooja 50/- 1
Lorry , Bus pooja 100/- 1
Padda Therdam ( Goat Worship) 100/- 1
Pongali 10/- 1
Special darshanam 100/- 1
Sri Ammavari Pulamalalu 20/- 1
Talaneelalu ( Tonsuring ) 25/- 1
Two Wheeler Vehicles Pooja 30/- 1
Vastralamkarana 10/- 1

Timings to visit Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple

06:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Festivals celebrate at Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple

Navaratri, Maha Shivaratri, Ugadi, Puthandi, Jatra

How to Reach Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple

 By Air: Tirupati Airport – 65.5 km,

By Train: Sullurpeta Railway station – 1.5 km, Chennai Central – 79 km, Nellore Railway Station- 97 km

 By Bus: Chennai – 76 km, Nellore – 96 km, Sulurpet – 1 km,

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Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple, Sullurupet, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh – 524121, India.

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