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Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple significant places are the main temple, Kalleshwar, and Sangam. The Sangama is considered to be a holy place where the waters of the river Amarja and Bhima meet together. Thus, the place has got its name as Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple. It is also a very popular Darshaneeya Kshetra. It is said that anyone who takes a holy dip in the Sangam is freed of all worldly sins. Moreover, all his wishes will come true if he worships with Bhakti. The anushthana of the temple was performed by Shri Narsimha Saraswathi Swamy.

The Audumbar tree at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple is located close to the union of the rivers Amaraja and Bheema. Many devotees and pilgrims do Nitya parayana (daily reading of the Shree Gurucharitra) underneath the tree.

It is said that a Brahmin boy, Narahari was cured of leprosy by Shree and this story also appears in the Shree Guruchartitra. This is when Narahari composed the shloka which becomes very popular. This shloka is recited every night in the temple premises. The shloka is also recited with the Narasimha Saraswati Ashtaka. It is believed that anyone who recites the shlokas daily will be blessed with good health, wealth, prosperity, fame, and spiritual power.

Close to the Sangam river is Ash hill which was supposed to be created by Lord Parasurama. Sage Parasurama performed penance at this holy place. People who are victims to evil eyes can apply this bhasma or holy ash and get rid of negative vibes. Children suffering from Graha dosha or Baalarishta are cured of health ailments.

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Many pregnant ladies take the holy ash home and apply it to their stomachs. It is believed that they will deliver a healthy child. Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple is said to be like Gokarna. Swayambhu Shani and smaller temples are also situated at the Shri Kshetra.

Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swamy is the incarnation of Dattatreya and the place is supposed to be dedicated to this Swamy. The Shree Gurucharitra clearly and beautifully explains the significance of this Kshetra. Shreeguru assured that he would be at Gangapur at twelve noon every day for Bhiksha. As per mythological stories, offering “Madhukar” is considered very important.

People still believe that Lord Dattatreya visits five houses daily at twelve noon for Bhiksha. The tradition still holds good here. Shree Dattatreya Maharaja promised the Gangapur villagers that he would reside in Gangapur, take bath at the Bheema-Amaraja Sangam River, and accept Bhiksha and pooja. People from many places come here to take Darshan of his padukas that are referred to as ‘Nirguna Padukas’.

Mentally retarded people, the people who are suffering from chronic diseases are coming to this place and getting cured of their sad feelings. The trouble of spirits and ghosts vanishes and one can get peace of mind with the darshan of Swami Padukas at this Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple.

Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple

Pooja Details

Seva / Pooja Timing
Kakad Arathi & Darshan Begins 2.30 AM- 3:00 AM
Laghunyasa Purvak, Saura Mantra, Ganapati Atharvasheersha, Purushasukta, Laghu Rudrabhikshek to Shaligram & Guru Sphatikaling From Pujari’s of temple as a parampara (Bhakt Kalyanartha) 3:00 AM – 5:00 AM
Keshar lepan to Nirgun Paduka by priests of temple and Mahapooja to Nirgun Paduka and paduka poojan and Chintamani Ganapati Pooja 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Guru Arathi or Paduka Arathi (1st Arati) Theerath & Panchamruta Distribution 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Devotees Rudrabhishekam, Laghurudrabhishek in Abhishek Hall & Pooja to Suvarna Paduka And Milk Abhishekam to Sphatikalinga and Nirgun paduka Free darshan 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Maha Mangala Arathi, Maha naivedya & Annadan (Madukari/Bhiksha) Seva (2nd Arati) 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Devotees Pooja to Suvarna paduka continues 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
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How to Reach Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple

By Train: Ganagapur road Railway Station – 22 km

By Road: Gulbarga – 40 km, solapur – 105 km, hyderabad – 250km, Mumbai – 515 km, pune  – 356km

By Air: Hyderabad – 275Km, Pune – 364km.


Shivaji Chowk, Afzalpur Taluka, Gulbarga District, Ganagapura, Karnataka, 585212, India

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