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During the period 1578 to 1617, Raja Wodeyar of Mysore installed Sri Nimishamba Temple and constructed this Temple Background of formation of Sri Nimishamba Temple and specialty of Shreechakra.

As per the instructions of Sri, Sri Parameshwara decided to conduct Poundareeka Yaga by Sumanaska for the benefit of earth/world, as per the given responsibilities of this Yaga to Mukthaka Rushi who is real Shiva.

This matter came to the Knowledge of Sriman Narada by Janu and Sumandalas and they decided to abolish and giving troubles to this Yaga and consulted with their Guru (Teacher) Shukracharya in this matter, The said Janu and Sumandalas sent their army along with their ministers namely Shoorabahu and Ghatodaras, Their army was abolished and broken by Mukthaka in a second of time, This matter heard by the said Janu and Sumandalas become angry and they prepared to conduct war along with Mukthaka Rushi personally and the Sri Nimishamba Temple battle going on strongly, In this said war Mukthaka defeated by them.

All the weapons held by Mukthaka became no use and useless, The Sri Nimishamba Temple defeated person in the war Mukthaka prayed with the Parvathi, in a second of time the said Parvathi, came out from the Yagnakunda.

The Janu and Sumandalas were able to get blessings (Vara) from Brahma which well Known to the Parvathi that they have taken these blessings from Brahma that their deaths did not happen with any weapons and Parvathidevi killed them on her sixth sense and observed for completion of the Yaga, with this the said Mukthaka Rushi became very happy and he used the word of O Jaganmathe, Sri Nimishamba Temple, due to this Sri Nimishamba Temple name came to Parvathidevi.

In front of the Idol of Sri Nimishamba Temple Amma Bhooprastara, Krishnashila Sreechakra existing, In this Sreechakra very specialized Beejakshara, Moolamanthra written and which is a rare Shree Chakra in the whole world. This Sri Nimishamba Temple becomes famous for fulfilling the prayers of the devotees immediately.

Timings to Visit 

Maha Naivedhya: Afternoon 12:00

Pradoshakaala Abhisheka: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM ( Excluding Sunday, Friday, Hunnime, Amavase, and Government Holidays)

Special Days: 4:00 AM to 6:30 AM

Darshana Timings: 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Abhisheka Timings: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Every Mahe Pournami: 5:00 AM to 8:30 AM

Seva Details

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCost in Rs.
1Kumkumarchane ( Astothara Shatanaama)10
2Trishathi Kumkumarchane30
3Sahasranaama Kumkumarchane100
4Sankalpa Seva51
5Maha Sankalpa Seva101
6Panchamrutha Abhisheka151
7Ksheerabhisheka Seva75
8Ekavaara Rudrabhisheka501
9Udi kanike5
10Saree kanike + kana10
11Chinna / Belli Kanike10
12Thulabhara Seva kanike ( Excluding Items)251
13Naming ceremony151
15Sankashtahara Chaturthi pooja50


 Special Seva 

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Pradhoshakaala Abhisheka1501
2Durgasaptashathi Paarayana751
3Samputikarana Paarayana1001
4Satyanarayana Pooja1501
5Ekadashavaara Rudraabhisheka1501
6Aditya Hrudaya Paarayana (1Aavruthi)100
7Kanakaabhisheka & Pancha kalasa Mahaabhiskeka seva2501
8Suvarna Pushpa Archane Seva1501
9Lakshminarayana Hrudaya Paarayana(1 Aavruthi)251

Maha Naivedya Prasada Seva/Kg. (Afternoon 12 Noon)

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Sweet Pongal750
2Kesari Baath750
3Curd Rice250


Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Chandika Homa15000
2Gana Homa3500
3Mruthyunjaya Homa8000
4Rudra homa (Ekadashavaara Rudra Sahita)15000
5Sri Lakshminarayana Homa6500

 Darshana Seva

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Special Darshana ( Per Person )20
2Direct Darshana ( 1 laddu Per Ticket )100

Vehicle Pooja 

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Scooter / Bike50
2Car / Tempo / Bus / Lorry100

Pournima Sevas

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Gana Homa30
2Nakshatra Homa30
3Durga Homa151
4Satyanarayana Pooja30
5Panchamrutha Abhisheka151
6Sarva Seva501


Shaswatha Pooja Nidhi

Sl no.Seva Pooja / NameCharges in Rs.
1Panchamrutha Abhisheka (Endowment Deposit)2501


How to reach Nimishambha Temple, Srirangapatna

By Air:  Mysore Airport – 14.7 km

By Train: Mysore – 13.4 km, Mandya Railway Station – 16.4 km, Maddur Railway Station – 42.4 km

By Road: Mysore Ksrtc Bus Stand, Mandi Mohalla – 18 km.


Sri Nimishambha Temple Mysore, Srirangapatna, Mandya District, Ganjam, Karnataka, 571438, India.

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