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About Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

The Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary is located in Uppalapadu. Painted storks, spot-billed pelicans, and other birds that migrate from various countries such as Siberia and Australia use the village water tanks for nesting.

The bird population in these tanks used to be around 12,000 previously, however lately only about 7000 birds roost in this dwindling habitat through the year. But some initiatives have taken place such as adding artificial trees, local awareness, proper water supply to the ponds, etc. The number of Pelicans may be more than 1500. Besides this 6 pintail ducks a few cormorant 5 red-crested pochard(rhodanese Rufina), common coot, common teal, black-headed ibises, 2 stilts were also sighted. Spot-billed Pelicans Pelecanus philippensis in Uppalapadu,

Instead of erecting wire mesh artificial trees, the forest department should plant more Prosopis velutina trees in and around this swamp. The ibises and painted stork were found scavenging on the leftover rotten fish droppings of pelican along with jungle crow. The main diet being fed to the chicks was both fresh and seawater fish. Some of the fish, particularly LabeoRohita (Carp) and other sea fish, which had dropped from the nests, were fresh and about 0.8 kg in weight.

They must have been brought from the nearest river and sea which is about 20 – 30 km away from the site since the pelicans were not found fishing from nearby ponds. In 2009 the large wire mesh trees which were provided by the Forest department are being used for nest making by the pelicans, although they did not do so in the initial years. This pelicanary has completed ten years operation in 2009.

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Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

Timings to visit Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

06:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Best time to visit Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

October – March

Entry Fee

Entry Fee – 10 INR

Camera – 100 INR

How to Reach Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

By Air: Vijayawada Airport – 50 km,

By Train: Guntur Railway Station – 8.5 km, Vijayawada Junction railway station – 35.6 km,

By Bus: NTR Bus Station Guntur – 7 km, Vijayawada Bus Station – 33.5 km,


Uppalapadu bird sanctuary, Near Guntur Rd, Uppalapadu, Andhra Pradesh 522509, India.

AP Official Site for Uppalapadu bird sanctuary

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