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Table of Contents


Virupaksha temple’s history is uninterrupted from about the 7th century. It is a Famous Shiva Temple. Inscriptions referring to Shiva date back to the 9th and 10th centuries. What started as a small shrine grew into a large complex under the Vijayanagara rulers Evidence indicates there were additions made to the temple in the late Chalukyan and Hoysala periods, though most of the temple buildings are attributed to the Vijayanagar period. The huge temple building was built by Lakkana Dandesha, a chieftain under the ruler Deva Raya II of the Vijayanagara Empire. Under the Vijayanagara rulers, in the middle of the 14th century, there began a flowering of native art and culture. When the rulers were defeated by Muslim invaders in the 16th century, most of the wonderful decorative structures and creations were systematically destroyed.

The religious sect of Virupaksha-Pampa did not end with the destruction of the city in 1565. Worship there has persisted throughout the years. One of the most striking features of this temple is the usage of mathematical concepts to build and decorate it. The temple has repeated patterns that demonstrate the concept of Fractals. The main shape of the temple is triangular. As you look up the temple top, the patterns divide and repeat themselves, just like you would see in a snowflake or some other natural wonders.

Krishnadevaraya, one of the famous kings of the Vijayanagara Empire was a major patron of this temple. The most ornate of all structures in the temple, the central pillared hall is believed to be his addition to this temple. So is the gateway tower giving access to the inner courtyard of the temple. Inscriptions on a stone plaque installed next to the pillared hall explain his contribution to the temple. It is recorded that Krishna Devaraya commissioned this hall in 1510 AD to mark his accession. He also built the eastern gopuram. These additions meant that the central shrine came to occupy a relatively small part of the complex. The halls in the temple were used for a variety of purposes. Some were spaces in which the images of gods were placed to witness special programs of music, dance, drama, etc. Others were used to celebrate the marriages of deities.

Timings to visit Virupaksha Temple Hampi

09:00 AM – 01:00 PM | 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Time Duration to Visit

3 – 4 Hours

Entry Fee: Free

How to Reach Virupaksha Temple Hampi

By Air: Bellary Airport – 350 km, Hubli Airport – 168 km.

By Train: Hospet – 13 km, Bangalore Railway Station – 288 km, Hubli Railway Station – 161 km

By Road: Hospet – 11.6 km, Hubli Bus Stand – 172 km, Bangalore KSRTC Bus Terminal – 273 km


Virupaksha Temple, River Rd, Hampi, Karnataka, 583239, India

Official site karnataka Tourism Department of Virupaksha Temple Hampi

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