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Swamimalai Lord Murugan explained the true meaning of “Om”, the sacred Pranava mantra to his father, Lord Shiva. Lord Murugan is, thus, depicted as Guru or teacher whilst the recipient of this knowledge, Lord Shiva, is shown as shishya or disciple. The name Swamimalai came into being as a result of this legend and the presiding deity of the temple came to known as Swaminathan.

There are sixty steps and each one is named after the sixty Tamil years. The first thirty steps lead to the second precinct of the temple. The image of Swaminatha swamy is 6 ft (1.8 m) tall. There are golden armours, golden crowns and a diamond lance for Lord Muruga.

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Lord Brahma,disrespected Lord Muruga when he visited Mount Kailash. The child Muruga got angry with Brahma and asked him  to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Brahma could not reply and hence Muruga punished Brahma with imprisonment. Muruga took up the role of the creator. Lord Shiva went to the rescue of Brahma. Shiva came to Muruga and asked him to release Brahma from imprisonment. Muruga refused to release Brahma stating that Brahma was unaware of the meaning of the Pranav Mantra. Shiva asked Muruga to explain the meaning and Muruga told shiva that he will explain the meaning only if Shiva accept Muruga as his guru. Shiva accepted the request and Muruga explained the meaning of the Pranava Mantra to Shiva. That’s how the name ‘Swaminatha Swami'(‘The Teacher of Shiva) came into existence.the shrine of the Muruga is at top the hillock, while the father Shiva’s shrine is located at the basement.

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Swamimalai Temple Timings

Morning – 5.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Evening- 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Temple Special Pujas

06:00 AM  Usha Kalam

09:00 AM  Kalasandhi

12:00 Noon  Uchikala Pooja

05:30 PM  Sayaratchai

08:00 PM  Rendam kalam

10:00 PM  Arthajama pooja

Daily Pooja Detais

Pooja Cost Timings
Satrusamhara Thirusadai Rs.1000 for a family 7:30 PM
Sahasra Namam Rs.1500 for a family
Padi Pooja Rs.4000 for a family 9:00 AM
Ayush Homam Rs.7000 for a family 10:00 AM
Mruthunjaya Homam Rs.5000 for a family 10:00 AM
Navagraha Homam Rs.5000 for a family 10:00 AM
Special Abhishekam for Murugan Rs.3000 for a family 8:00 AM
Shubamangala Deepa Pooja Rs.3000 for one person
Rudrabhishekam Rs.15000 for a family

How to reach

By Road: Thanjavur  –  35 km, Puducherry  –  135 km, Madurai  –  213 km, Kanchipuram  –  245 km, Rameshwaram  –  263 km, Coimbatore  –  286 km.

By Train: Kumbakonam railway station – 10km.

By Air:  Trichy Airport – 87km, Madurai Airport – 222 km Chennai – 264km.


10, Vatampokki Street, Taluk, Swamimalai, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612302. 

Swamimalai Swaminatha Swamy Temple Map


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