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About Bonthapally Veerabhadra Swamy Temple

Bonthapally Veerabhadra Swamy Temple is in Bonthapally which is 35 km from Hyderabad on Hyderabad-Medak highway and the temple is 3 km away from the highway. It is located at a distance of 42 km from Sangareddy. The temple was built during the Veerashivaya period.

As per the history, many years ago a village contain only a small temple of Sri Veerabhadra Swamy. One night a shepherd walked towards the temple and turned around after hearing something. The shepherd was shocked to see Lord Veerabhadra Swamy, who told him that he did not like the location of the temple and wanted it to be shifted. The God asked the shepherd to carry him on his shoulder to another location till he gets tired. Then the shepherd carried the lord to Bonthapally. After reaching this village, God reportedly asked the shepherd to go back home without turning back or he would become a statue. However, the shepherd did turn back and became a statue. This statue remains there in the village.

Timings to visit

5.00AM to 8.30PM

Pooja’s and Seva’s performed

Sevas & PoojasTicket Cost
Ekavara Rudram100-00
Ekadasa mahanyasa Rudram2516-00
Sri Veera bhadrasvami rudrabhisekam1516-00
Shiva Linga sparsa pooja500-00
Shri Virbhadra astottaram100-00
Sri Siva astottaram60-00
Shri Veerabhadra Sahasranamam100-00
Vibhuti Archana100-00
Kumkuma Sahasram200-00
Kumkuma Astottaram100-00
Laksha Bilvarchana2516-00
Laksha Pusparcana2516-00
Pusparchana Sahasrar100-00
Vehicle Pooja
Larry, car, jeep, van250-00
Motor’s (2 Wheeler), Auto Pooja100-00
Swamy Alankarana
Silver Alankaramulu300-00
Clothes Alankaralu100-00
Vahana Seva’s
Pallaki Seva300-00
Aswa Vahanam400-00
Nandeeshwara Vahanam400-00
Gaja Vahanam400-00
Bhrngisvara Vahanam400-00
Swan Vahanam500-00
Unjali Vahanam300-00
Sesha Vahanam



Akshara Svikaramu

Appaginta Talanilalu50-00
Puttu Ventrukalu150-00
Swantha Ganta Kattuta50-00
Ganta Kattuta (Our Bell)100-00
Odi Biyyamu50-00
Coconut Kattuta50-00
Wedding clothes60-00
Ganda Dipam150-00
Bull Ligate (our Supply)500-00
Own Bull Ligate100-00
Agni Gundam1,116-00
Hanuman Pooja100-00
Satyanarayana Story200-00
Swami Vari Marriage1,116-00
Permanent Kalyanotsavamu5,116-00
Sri Bhadrakali Regular Mahabalabhisekam



Bonthapally Veerabhadra swamy Temple, Jinnaram Mandal, Bonthapalle, Sangareddy District, Telangana 502313

Contact number:(08455) 275232

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How To Reach

By Road

From Secunderabad

APSRTC operates buses from Sec-bad to Bonthapally Temple frequently.

The bus schedule from Sec-bad to Bonthapally.
6.30 A.M ,8.30 A.M ,3.00 P.M , 6.00 P.M

The bus schedule from Temple to Sec-bad.
7.30 A.M , 9.30 A.M , 4.00 P.M , 7.00 P.M

From Patancheru

APSRTC operates buses from Patancheru to Bonthapally Temple frequently.

The bus schedule from Patancheru to Bonthapally.
6.30 A.M ,8.30 A.M ,3.00 P.M , 6.00 P.M

The bus schedule from Temple to Patancheru.
7.30 A.M , 9.30 A.M , 4.00 P.M , 7.00 P.M


Cottage NameCharge Per Day
Macharla Vari Satram500-00
Madapu’s Bontappa Gari Satram500-00
Linga bhojayya’s Gari Satram350-00
Gandham Pandu Satram450-00
Gopal Gari Satram450-00
Devarisetti Gari Satram450-00
Konduru Vari Satram450-00
Podduturi Vari Satram450-00
For Marriage’s1500-00
Sunkari Bhadrappa Satram1000-00
Bejagam Vari Satram400-00
Gollapalli Vari Satram400-00
Mupparapu Vari Satram400-00
20 satramulalo 1 Satram100-00

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