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History of Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Sri Anjaneya Swamy vari Devasthanam is situated on a hill called Kondagattu Amidst of hills and forest area It is an ancient temple in karimnagar District state to have come into existence at about 500 years above attracting good No. of pilgrims. The presiding deity, Sri anjaneya Swamy varu is said to be Swayambhoo as seen from the silasasanam wich is available on the external wall of the main temple. It shows that the  parents of singam Balaiah i.e Singam Sanjeevudu and Ashamma from Kodimyal Village had Constructed a temple. Deity has given vara to the cowboy of sri S.Sanjeevudu in this forest regarding his were about and in formed in Signs. Sri Venkateswara Swamy, Alwar and Laxmi Ammavaru deities are situated at the left and right of the main deity.

Sri Anjneya Swamy faced the north side of the temple along with Narasimha Vaktram Ambarella and shankhu Chakra. The poojas and rituals are being perfumed to the deity in Chattada Sri Vaishnava Agama Sampradayam.

Another important event in this temple, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Kondagattu’ in Karimnagar district is the most Popular ancient Hanuman Temple. The presiding deity Sri Anjaneya is believed as ‘Sanjeeva’ for the diseased, mentally retarded and for childless for progeny.

Water, the basic resource of life, has been worshiped since time immemorial. Worshiping the deities with water, Abhishekam. Lord Shiva incarnated as Sri Anjaneya. Here pilgrims perform Abhishekam to fulfill their vows and worship Kondagattu Anjaneya. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vari diksha is of 11 days, 21 days and 41 days. Sri Swamy vari CHANDANAM taken from the left hand bowl of swamy varu is a good mahatyam and every devotee has staunch belief in the above Chandanam. The pilgrim visiting this temple must invariably take CHANDANAM AS PRASADAM.


06:00 AM – 08:30 PM

Everyday Morning 7.00 am to Evening 8.30 pm Vahana Pooja

Seva Details

Subrabata Seva4:00 AM
Sri Swami vari Aaradhana4.30 AM to 5-45 AM
Balaboga nivedna Modati ganta5.45 AM to 6.00 AM
Surya darshan6.00 AM to 7.30 AM
Nitya Haaratulu7.30 AM to 9 AM
Sri Swami vari Abhishekam9.00 AM 11.30 AM
Sri Satyanarayana Swamy vratham11.30AM 12.30 PM
Rendova Ganta12.30 PM
Bhajana Tirtha prsadam12.45 PM
Viramam (Aalayam musiveta excluding Saturday and Tuesday)1.30 PM to 3.00 PM
Surya darshan3.00 PM to 4.30 PM
Sri Swamy vari aradhana, Moodava Ganta4.30 PM to 6.00 PM
Nitya Haaratulu6.00 PM to 7.30 PM
Sri Laxmi amma vari kumkumarchana7.00 PM
Sri Venkateswara swami Seva utsavam7.30 PM
Bhajana8.15 PM
Cavata bandanam8.30 PM


Best Time to Visit 

Name of UtsavamsThithi Nakshatram
Sri Hanuman JayanthiVyshakha Sapthami to Vyshakha Bahula Dashami, Purvabhadra nakshatra
Sravana Sapthaha UtsavamSravana sudda Padiyami to Sapthami
PavithrotsavamSravana Masam
DhanurmasamMargashira shuddha & Moola Nakshatra
Vykunta EkadashiPushya Sudda Ekadashi
Sri Sudarshana yagamMagha Sudda panchami

How to Reach 

By Air: Hyderabad – 199 km

By Train: Nizamabad – 131 km, Adilabad – 183 km,

By Road: Karimnagar – 40 km, Jagtial – 16 km, Medak – 141 km

Anjaneya Swamy Temple Office: 0091 8724 271239


Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Kondagattu, Jagtial District, Telangana 505452, India.

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