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 Lalbagh Botanical Garden During the reign of Hyder Ali in 1760, the construction of this garden started but was later on completed on the orders of his son, Tipu Sultan. During that time Mughal gardens were capturing great popularity due to which Hyder Ali wanted to cultivate this exquisite botanical garden. It gained more importance when his son Tipu Sultan added the concept of horticulture in the garden. Many different species of plants were imported from different countries making this garden the apple of everyone’s eye. The garden is built similar to the design used in Mughal gardens.

Referred to as Rose or Cypress Garden up till 1856, this garden was commissioned by Haider Ali in 1760 who was a big admirer of Mughal Gardens and wanted to set up one in his city as well. He was influenced by his father who used to work for Dilawar Khan, a viceroy of the Mughals, and was especially passionate about setting up gardens. The garden is modeled on another one that existed in Sira which was situated 120 km away from Lalbagh. Over the years, many species of rare plants, trees, and shrubs were added to Lalbagh and most of these were added by Tipu Sultan himself. The garden area stood at 45 acres in 1874 with major additions done in 1889 (30 acres) and 1891 (94 acres). The foundation of the famous Glass House was laid down in the year 1898 and was further built by John Cameron in the image of London’s Crystal Palace. It is now spread over an area of 240 acres.

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Flower Show

The bi-annual flower show at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a spectacle to behold. People travel from far and wide from India and even from abroad to witness millions of flowers, thousands of plants, and the incredible artistry that goes into making the figurines and flower structures.

The show takes place twice a year- once during January in the same week as the Indian Republic Day, and another time in August, during Independence Day. Each year, a different theme is chosen and flower arrangements are made according to the theme.

Plants and flowers are imported from all over the world and over 20 lakh flowers are used each year to make semi-permanent structures in various characteristic shapes and designs. The show takes place inside the striking Glass House which is located on the premises of the Botanical Gardens and goes on from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Even though the best time to witness the show is in the morning when you can see all the flowers in full bloom and all their vibrant colors, nighttime is a whole different experience. The whole Glass House lights up in a golden glow which makes the structures look even more magical and ethereal.

Timings to Visit

All days of a week – 9:00 AM -6:00 PM

Entry Fee

Above 12 years – INR 25.

Free for walkers (Morning: 5:00 AM -9:00 AM, Evening- 4:00 PM -7:00 PM)

Camera Charges: INR 50

Visit duration: 3-4 hours

How to reach

By Air: Bengaluru International Airport – 35km away.

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By Train: Majestic Railway Station – 5.9 km, Yeshwantpur railway station – 13.4 km

By road: Kempegowda Bus Station – 4.5 km, Majestic – 7km away.


Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004.

Karnataka Official Site for Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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