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About Mavullamma Ammavari Temple

There are many articles on the area where Sri Mavullamma was born. There is also a story that Ammavaru was born in the village of Rayakuduru near Veeravasaram. However, the region’s history is as follows. The history of Sri Ammavari Gudi dates back to 1880 AD. The present building in the town of Bhimavaram is said to have been built by Sri Mavullamma Velisara in the area where the neem and pipal trees have penetrated each other.

The elders say that during the month of Vaishakh in the year 1880, Marella Machiraju of Bhimavaram, Grandma’s father, realized in a dream that his mother had instructed him to build a temple by describing the place where he lived. As they searched at the behest of their mother, stone idol of Sri Mavullama was found. The idol is worshiped by placing a puripaka(roof with leaves).

Later it is learned that Sri Marella Machiraju and Sri Grandi Appannalu built a temple in the area of Sunday Bazaar. In the 1920s, sculptor Tatavolu Nagabhushanacharya of Kalla village filled the sanctum sanctorum with a statue of Mavullamma.

However, Amma was seen as a terrifying form of Pralaya and with this, the idol of Apparavu, the son of Grandi narasanna, was transformed into a beacon of peace. The gatekeeper maidens adorned the Malachi temple.

Since the olden days , the ancestors of Mente Venkataswamy and their ancestors, who were descendants of Alluri bhimaraju, were considered as the maternal ancestors of Amma. Ancestors of  Grandi Appanna were considered as the paternal ancestors of Amma. These 2 families hold a are very prominent in the festivals of Maavullamma.

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Timings to visit 

05:00 AM – 12:00 PM | 01:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Pujas/Sevas at Mavullamma Ammavari Temple


Pooja Name


1 Sahasranama Archana 25/-
2 Ghatam 10/-
3 Two Wheeler Vehicle 50/-
4 Three/Four Wheeler Vehicle 100/-
5 BiCycle 10/-
6 To perform saree to the goddess 10/-
7 Tulabharam 50/-
8 Shaswata Puja 1116/-
9 Laddu Prasadam 10/-
10 Pulihora Prasadam 5/-
11 Ashtottara Puja 10/-
12 Nitya Puja 30/-
13 Dasara Sahasranama Archana 250/-
14 Dasara Special Puja 500/-

Festivals celebrate 

Every year – Jyeshta Shuddha Padyami – Jatara festivals for 40 days.

How to reach Mavullamma Temple Bhimavaram

By Air: Rajahmundry Airport – 91 km

By Train: Bhimavaram Railway Station – 1.5 km, Tadepalligudem – 30.9 km,

By Road: Bhimavaram  – 600 mtrs, Tadepaligudem – 29 km.


Sri Mavullamma Ammavari Devastanam, Sunday Market, Gandi Nagar, Bhimavaram, 534201, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Official website of Mavullamma Ammavari Temple

AP Official Website of Mavullamma Ammavari Temple

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