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About Pushpagiri Temple

This place is located on the banks of the river Pennar (Pinakini). This is the only holy place for both Saivas and Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas call it ‘Madhya Ahobilam’ and Saivas call as ‘Madhya Kailasam’.

Pushpagiri, also called ‘Second Hampi’ is one of the important Advaitha mutts established by Sankaracharya. This is the only place in Andhra Pradesh where the holy Peetham of Sankaracharya is located.

Among several temples situated in Pushpagiri, Chennakesava Swamy temple is the largest one. According to the inscriptions belongs to the 13th Century, which was found in the temple complex, Chennakesava Swamy temple is the ancient and large temple of all. It has a lofty gopuram with sculptures depicting scenes from the epics. Floral motifs and Engraved pillars with different sculptures are the main attractions of the temple. The dancing Ganapati and Krishna preaching the Bhagavad Geetha to Arjuna are remarkable pieces of art.

Once when garuda is carrying Nectar from Indra Loka, one drop of it fell into the Sarovar and turned the pool into a sacred one. One day an old farmer vexed with his wretched life jumped into the pool to commit suicide. The fall transformed him into a young man. The astonished farmer made his wife and oxen to take a dip in the pool. They also turned into young. The news of the sacred pool spread all over the place and all people started thronging at this place to become young.

The news reached Satya Loka, Brahma invoked the help of Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva. They instructed Anjaneya to close the pool. Anjaneya dropped a hill in the pool, but instead of sinking the hill started floating like a flower. Then Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva decided to clamp their feet at the ends. The imprint of the foot of Siva became famous as Rudrapada and that of Vishnu’s as Vishnupada.

Trikuteshwara, Durga, Shiva, Rudrapada, and Devi are the other remarkable temples located in Pushpagiri that one has to visit. These temples are famous for their architectural precision.

Pushpagiri Temple

Timings to visit Pushpagiri Temple

05:30 AM – 11:00 AM | 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Festivals celebrate at Pushpagiri Temple

Annual Temple Festival – March – April.

How to reach Pushpagiri Temple

By Air: Renigunta International Airport – 157 km

By Train: Cuddapah Railway Station – 24.1 km, Rajampet Railway Station – 73 km

By Bus: Cuddapah – 20 km, Rajampet – 77.3 km


Pushpagiri, near Khajipet, Pusphagiri Rd, Kotluru, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, 516162, India.

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