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About Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

It was established in the memory of the great engineer Sir Arthur Cotton. The museum exhibits various models which depict the construction of the mighty barrage across Godavari River by a British irrigation engineer. He was also known as Cotton Dora. He was also the Delta Architect of Godavari District.

The construction model of Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage and other testaments of advanced engineering skills. Built-in the memory of the great engineer, the museum forms an excellent site of educational tour, especially for engineering students.

Museum was established in the year 1998, the museum is set in a building which was formerly occupied by the Executive Engineer and was with the aim of enlightening people about the creation of the barrage which turned the lands in East and West Godavari districts fertile. It also narrates the advanced engineering skills applied in the construction of the present Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage. It exhibits various models collected from various projects and locations which explains the various procedures and equipments used for irrigation purposes.

It also displays the old model of the barrage including falling shutters of 3 feet and plough machines, used originally to lift the shutters of the barrage and rail track. The museum has preserved the machineries used during the time of creating the old barrage. Among the exhibits of the museum is a model drawing portraying 4 arms of the new barrage along with 3 scour sluices and 3 head sluices.

At the entrance of the museum a statue of Sir Arthur Cotton riding a horse. An exquisite fountain is known as ‘jalatarali’ is also at the entrance. The museum is surrounded by pleasant natural beauty comprising lush green lawns, croton plants, ornamental plants and other blossoms. It also forms an important part of educational tours, especially for engineering students. The museum beautifully represents some of the excellent technologies of ancient era which are in vogue in contemporary times.

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Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

Timings to visit 

09:00 AM – 06:30 PM

Entry charges 

Child – 2 INR

Adults – 5 INR, Photography – 10 INR

Visit Duration 

2 hours

How to Reach Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

By Air: Rajahmundry Airport – 24.8 km

By Train: Rajamundry Railway Station – 5.3 km

By Bus: Rajahmundry – 4 km


Sir Arthur Cotton Museum, Dowlaiswaram – Vijjeswaram Rd, Cotton Peta, Dhavaleswaram, Rajahmundry, East Godavari Dist., Andhra Pradesh, 533125, India.

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