About Sirimanu utsavam

Sirimanothsavam is a festival organized to propitiate Goddess Pydithalli amma of Vizianagram Town. Siri means “goddess Lakshmi in other words wealth and prosperity ” and manu means “trunk” or “log”. The priest of the Sirimanu utsavam temple while taking procession between the fort and Sirimanu utsavam temple, three times in the evening hangs from the tip of the long, lean wooden staff, raised high into the sky. The priest possessed by the goddess would himself tell a few days before, where this manu would be available.

It is from that place only the log has to be procured. Hanging from the upper end of the staff, which is raised high into the sky, is a very risky exercise, but it is believed that the grace of the Goddess protects the priest from falling off. It is held in the month of September or October of every year. The Rajas of Vizianagaram oversee the arrangements for this event.

It was during 1757 when king Pusapati Peda Vijaya Rama Raju of Vizianagaram was busy in the Battle of Bobbili, second Anand has taken the charge of the crown and died in the year 1760. His wife also died along with him in Sati. Then the wife of Peda Vijaya Rama Raju, Rani Chandrayamma has adopted Vijaya Rama Raju who belonged to the Vizianagaram dynasty as per history.

If we go through the history of 104 temples constructed by Vizianagar Sansthan some history of those temples can be known by their location. But there is no specific history about the Sri Pydithalli Ammavaru temple constructed by this Sansthan.

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According to local legend, Pydithalli Ammavaru is the Grama Devata of Vizianagaram. Some say that this Ammavaru is a sister of Maharanis of Vizianagaram. But there are many shreds of evidence that Pydithalli Ammvaru belongs to the Vizianagaram dynasty. Even though there is no reliable evidence about birth and other details of Pydimamba, as per the local legend, an idol of Pydimamba was found on the west side of Pedda Cheruvu of Vizianagaram on the first Tuesday, following Vijaya Dasami after completion of the Battle of Bobbili.

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It was in 1750 when the French leader Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau was staying with the entire battalion near Hyderabad. Many soldiers died due to Small Pox Masucci. He was going through a financial crisis. Peda Vijaya Rama Raju of Vizianagaram helped him to overcome it and rebuild his battalion. In 1756 Bussy visited Rajahmundry. It is rumored that Vijaya Rama Raju gave a warm welcome to Bussy at Rajahmundry.

At that time Bobbili Maharajas were more powerful. There are some differences between Bobbili and Vizianagaram Rajas. Because of those differences and some other reasons Battle of Bobbili started on 23 January 1757. During the battle entire Bobbili fort got destroyed and many Bobbili soldiers died in the battle. The wife of Vijaya Rama Raju and Sister Sri.

Pydimamba tried to stop the battle by hearing the news but was not successful. By that time, only Sri Pydimamba, sister of Vijayaramaraju was suffering from Small Pox. While she was in the puja of Goddess she came to know that Vijayaramaraju was in trouble. She wanted to inform her brother regarding this and tried to convey the message through Vizianagaram soldiers, but everyone was in the battle.

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She started with Patiwada Appalanaidu to convey the message in a horse cart. But, by that time, she got the news that his brother Vijaya Rama Raju died at the hands of Tandrapapa Rayudu, She became unconscious. Patiwada Applanaidu sprinkled water over her face and she regained consciousness and told Appalanaidu that she will not live anymore and She is going to merge with the village Goddess. Her statue will be found at the west bank of Pedda Cheruvu. The fishermen found the idol of Pydimamba and constructed a temple called Vanam Gudi for the goddess.

Sirimanu utsavam

Sirimanu Utsavam is being celebrated every year on the first Tuesday following Vijayadasami. Sirimanu means a big trunk. It is believed that approximately 15 days before Sirimanu Utsav, goddess Pydimamba would come in the dream of temple Pujari and tell him where the Sirimanu for that year could be found. Pujari would go in search of sirimanu and will cut the sirimanu after performing traditional puja. That sirimanu can be located anywhere.

The owner must agree to cut his tree for Sirimanu Utsavam. That tree will be shaped neatly into Sirimanu and will be placed over the chariot. This sirimanu will be brought to the Three Lanterns junction around 2:00 pm. Temple Pujari will pay obeisance to the Goddess before taking his seat on the Sirimanu chariot. This sirimanu will move 3 times between Vizianagaram fort and Pydimamba temple between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There will be a chariot in the shape of a White elephant in front of Srimanu. The Vizianagaram Rajahs will sit in the front Tower of the fort and watch the Utsav. Pujari will be presented with new clothes by Rajas and puja is performed.

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