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It is situated at a height of about 1000 feet from sea level amid lush green Kodyamale hills Commonly known as Sri Karinjeshwara Temple, this beautiful spot is located in the Bantwal taluk. Here the temple dedicated for Lord Shiva is on the top of a cliff and another temple, which is dedicated for the goddess Parvathi is situated in the middle of the way to the cliff. Both of these temples attract a lot of devotes and the lush greenery, water important.

Praised as Rudragiri, Gajaradri, Beema Shaila, and Karinja, in different eras, this was the place of reverence from mythological periods.

The main temple of the shiva is told to have a history that goes back to one thousand years. Stories tell that Sri Ramachandra had visited this place along with his younger brother Lakshman, in respect of which an offering of a large amount of rice is made to the lord during the noon pooja and it is then poured on a rock slab in front of the shiva temple for monkeys. People gather in large numbers to watch a large number of monkeys coming from all sides of the forest to feast upon the hot rice Prasadam.

Till today it is the custom among these monks that the eldest and bulkiest of the bunch named “Karinja Dadda” takes the first byte of the feast and whoever breaks the rule will be punished by the boss – “The Dadda”. Stories also refer back to Dwapara where Pandavas took shelter in the caves around this place during their exciting.

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Gadatheertha a large lake right at the pot of the cliff, assumed to be dug by Beema Senas club (Gada) stands as a testimony for the story. On the cliff there is another water source created by Arjuna’s arrow, named Varaha Thirtha, along with this there are two other water sources namely Ungusta Theertha and Janutheertha which are respected by the devotees. A holy dip in these water sources on specific days is told to cure away skin diseases.

Shiva Temple is influenced by both Vaishnav and Jain styles of Architecture. A stone sculpture on the base of the flag post of the temple indicates that the Kelady rulers, who were under the Vijayanagara kingdom had given royal patronage to this temple.

Karinja Cliff is also becoming a popular tourist spot. People visit this cliff just to enjoy the fresh air, lush green surroundings of the cool water of this cliff. During the night, watching the electric lamps of the nearby towns, specify like stars, from the top of the cliff is a feast for the eyes.

Sri Karinjeshwara Temple

Some Important things at the Note of Sri Karinjeshwara Temple

  • There will be special Teertha Snanas on days of Amavasya.
  • Special pooja sevas are held on every Monday’s & Friday’s
  • Abhisheka sevas are held at night at sannidhi of Lord Parameshwara on the days of Maha Shivaratri & Pradhosha days on Monday.
  • Those Devotees who wish to perform sevas such as Ganahoma, Rangapooja, Swyamvara Parvathi Pooja, Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka, Shatarudra, Rudrayaga, Chandikayaga, Sathyanarayana Pooja, and other special poojas and sevas can inform the same to the temple office in advance to book the sevas on the desired day for which necessary arrangements will be made.
  • Devotees can also donate offerings to the Sri Karinjeshwara Temple in the form of cash, grains, rice, coconut, or any other items to the Sri Karinjeshwara Temple office and obtain the receipt for the same.
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Timings to Visit Sri Karinjeshwara Temple

Morning: 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Mahapooja at 12:00 PM

Evening: 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Shree Parvathi Temple

Morning: 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Mahapooja at 12:30 PM

Evening: 07:00 PM – 07:30 PM

Sevas at Sannidhi of Lord Shiva

Seva INR
Sahasranama Bilwapatra Archana 100/-
Nithya Pooja 100/-
Rudrabhishekha 60/-
Shiva Pooja 45/-
Karthika Pooja 45/-
Ashthotthara Bilwa Patra Archana 45/-
Panchamruthabhisheka 40/-
Kalasha Snana 40/-
Grutha Deepa 20/-
Vaanaranna 40/-
Thaila Deepa 20/-
Ksheerabhisheka 5/-
Jalabhisheka 5/-
Shirasaa Benne 5/-
Mangala Arathi 5/-
Kanchu Belaku 10/-
Tulabharam 250/-
Seva without Sahithya 2/-


Sevas at Sannidhi of Goddess Parvathi

Seva INR
Nithya Pooja 100/-
Hoovina Pooja 60/-
Shree Sookthabhisheka 60/-
Panchamrutha Abhisheka 45/-
Durga Pooja 45/-
Karthika Pooja 45/-
Sahasranama Kumkumarchana 45/-
Kalasha Snana 40/-
Grutha Deepa 20/-
Halu Paayasa 20/-
Thaila Deepa 20/-
Ksheerabhisheka 5/-
Kumkumarchane 10/-
Mangala Arathi 5/-
Panchakajjaya – Lord Ganapathi 10/-
Annaprashana 30/-
Shayana Seva 200/-
Seva without Sahithya 2/-

Important festivals 

  • Soura Ugadi
  • Vrashabha Sankramana
  • Simha Sankramana
  • Nagara Panchami
  • Ganesha Chaturthi
  • Kadir Uthsava
  • Navarathri
  • Mahanavami, Vijayadashami
  • Deepavali
  • Karthika Pooja
  • Laksha Deepothsava
  • Nemothsava for Kodamanitthaya Daiva
  • Subramanya Shasti

How to Reach Sri Karinjeshwara Temple

By Air: Mangalore International Airport – 20 Km.

By Train: Bantwal Railway at BC Road – 15.6 km

By Bus: Vagga, on Bantwal – Dharmasthala state highway – 15 Kms from the temple


Mahathobahara Sri Karinjeshwara Temple, Kavalamudoor Village, Karinja Post, Bantwal Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka.

For more Details: Tel No: 91 08255 285255, Email: [email protected].

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