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The History of Sri Ketaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple, Jharasangam

Ketaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple is an ancient Hindu temple. The Rajagopuram is very tall, with images of local gods and goddesses in various dancing forms. The courtyard of this shrine is vast with a herbal garden. The gateway of this temple is very attractive too. The temple’s interior and exterior look as if they were built in the medieval period. The shrine is known among its visitors, tourists, and pilgrims for its religious, architectural, and historical significance.

According to the local legends, this particular Shiva Lingam is largely said to have been directly established by Lord Brahma. During the “Krutha Yuga,” Raja Kupendra, king of Surya Vamsha, was seriously ailing from a major skin disease and hadn’t found any type of remedy to get a cure for his major disease. While doing routine hunting, he happened to directly reach the Kethaki Vanam, where he found a stream, where he immediately washed his body, and the disease was completely cured after reaching his home. That night, Lord Sangameshwara wholeheartedly appeared in his dream. The Lord asked the king to successfully construct a temple over Shiva Lingam”. He did as ordered by the Lord and converted in a successful manner stream into a Pushkarini’ which was later named “Astha Theertha Amrutha Gundam” and known as “Dakshina Kasi”.

According to local legends, Ketaki flowers and the holy water of Pushkarini are used for performing various kinds of religious poojas, such as Yagnas, Homas, and other ritual activities. It is strongly believed that the Pushkarini consists of eight Teerthas such as Datha, Indira, Rudra, Soma, Varuna, Dharma, Rishi, and Narayana. Therefore, in this temple, Lord Shiva is known as Ketaki Sangameshwara. It is to be remembered that people throng this temple situated in a densely forested area because it is a wish-fulfilling temple that they visit again for thanksgiving with a lot of dedication and commitment.

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Timings to visit 

05:00 AM – 08:30 PM.

The Best Time to Visit 

Sivarathri, Navaratri, Diwali, Ugadi, Karthika Masam

How to reach

By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – 127 km,

By Train: Zaheerabad – 5 km, Medak Railway Station – 99.1 km,

By Road: Jharasangam – 7 km, Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station – 127 km,


Sri Ketaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple, Jharasangam, Sangareddy District, Telangana 502246

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