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Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi is an important pilgrimage site in South India. Thousands of devotees throngthis temple town to offer prayers to Lord Krishna. It is said that the Sri Krishna Temple idol here is the most beautiful idol of Lord Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna Temple is depicted here as a small boy (Balakrishna).

The idol is not seen directly, but through a 9 holed window called the Navagraha Kitiki. Udupi is referred to as ‘Mathura(birthplace of Lord Sri Krishna, situated in Uttar Pradesh state) of South India. The idol of Lord Krishna got covered with sandalwood in the city of Dwarka. Hence, the idol was carried by a mariner mistaking it to be a sandalwood lump. While sailing, in the middle of their journey, the ship got caught in a storm. This occurred on the western coast of Malpe.

Sri Madhvacharya pulled the ship out of the storm using his saffron robe. Also, he calmed the sea storm with his divine powers. Finally, Saint Mahdhvacharya requested the sandalwood lump. As a gesture of gratitude, the mariner gifted him the sandalwood lump. The Saint Mahdhvacharya bathed the idol with water purified it and installed it in the Sri Krishna Temple.

Kanakadas was an orthodox follower of Lord Krishna. He visited the temple in the late 16th century.However, he was forbidden to enter the Sri Krishna Temple because he belonged to a lower caste. Lord Krishna was pleased with the devotion of Kanakadas. Hence, Lord Sri Krishna Temple created a hole in the back wall of the Sri Krishna Temple. This allowed Kanakadas to have the darshan of the Lord. This hole is famously known as the Kanakanakindi even to this day.

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Special pujas are performed on Janmashtami. This Sri Krishna Temple is beautifully decorated. The devotees sing hymns in the praise of the Lord. Udupi Sri Krishna temple and Matha (Monastery) were set up by Sri Madhwacharya (popular Vaishnava Saint) during the 13th century.

● Kanakana Kindi: A small window through which Lord Krishna is believed to have given darshan to his ardent devotee, saint Kanakadasa. According to legend, Kanakadasa was of a low caste and was not allowed entry to the Sri Krishna Temple.

Undaunted, he went behind the temple and prayed to the Lord through a small crack in the wall. Pleased, the statue of Lord Krishna turned around and gave him darshan. Just adjacent is the Kanakadasa Mantapa, which houses a statue of the saint.

● The Golden Chariot of the temple can be seen by visitors.

● Udupi Paryaya Utsava is a popular festival celebrated once in two years. Paryaya Utsava marks the handover      of temple management from one Matha to another, among Udupi’s 8 Mutts.

● Anna Dana: Sri Krishna temple offers free meals to every devotee

● Goshala (Cow Shed)

● Temple Chariot (Brahma Ratha)

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Sri Krishna Temple

Timings to Visit

Temple Pooja SessionTimings
Temple Opening Timings 4:30
Nirmalya Visarjana Pooja 4:50
Ushakala Pooja 5:30
Akshaya Patra Gopuja 5:35
Viswaroopa Darshan 5:40
Panchamritha Abhishekam05:45
Udvarthana Pooja06:15
Kalasa Pooja 6:20
Teertha Pooja06:30
Alankara Pooja 8:00
Avasara Sanakadi Pooja 9:30
Maha Pooja09:45
Ratri Pooja 19:30
Ranga Pooja19:35
Utsava Pooja19:45
Thottilu Pooja 20:15
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Temple Sevas Timings
Chamara Seva19:00
Kolalu Seva20:40
Ekanta Seva20:50

How to Reach

By Air: Mangalore Airport – 59 km
By Train: Udupi Railway Station – 3.9 km
By Bus: Bangalore – 400 km


Sri Krishna Matha, Car Street, Udupi, Karnataka – 576101.

Karnataka Official site for Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

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