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About Sri mukha lingeswara temple

Once in the Himalayas great Vaishnavism took place. The Gandharva king Chitragriva came with his Gandharva ganas to see the sacrifice. The Sabarakantas on the Himalayas also came to see the sacrifice. The Gandharvas were mesmerized by the beauty of the Sabarakanthas. Noticing this, Vamdeva Maharshi became angry and cursed, “May you all be born in Sabarjati for the error of violating the etiquette of the House.” All the Gandharvas were born dead.

Their leader, Chitragreva, was born the leader of the Sabara. His queen Chitti. Second wife Chitkala. She is a devotee of Lord Shiva. Not a single moment fell on either of these queens. Chitika Matiki screamed. One day, Chitti approached her husband and said, “If you are with me, I must be … or Chitkal.

Settle on something.” The Sabara leader, unable to release the Pattapurani Chitti, summoned his second queen, Chitkala, and bent down two branches of the present tree in their driveway and climbed the fallen flowers. He sold them and survived. Chitkala’s husband, who is a Mahasadhvi, could not wait to speak, Now the twigs of the tree are bent and the fallen flowers are climbing daily.

However, since she was a devotee of Lord Shiva, the flowers that fell due to Lord Shiva’s grace would turn into golden flowers. Chitkala has been selling those golden flowers in Sumanthapuram for a long time. Knowing this, Chitti became jealous and got into a fight with Chitkal. The bored Sabara leader thought that the tree was the cause of the quarrel and prepared to cut down the tree.

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Then Mahasiva first appeared on the tree in the form of a Raudra. The Sabara leader fainted at the sight of it. Thinking that Chitkala was the cause of all this, all the Sabaris came together and prepared to kill Chitkala. Then Lord Shiva appeared before them and blessed the Gandharvas with the absolution of the curse. Thus Mahasiva, who was realized in the Madhuka tree, became known as Madhukeshwar.

The Mukhalingalayam here is also known as the “Madhukeshwara Temple”. The gender here is not engraved with stone. It is now known as the same Mukhalingam when the treetops were cut down. It is said that the “face” appears at the beginning of the tree. It is said that the tree gradually grew into a linga. The tree is now known as Madhukam in Sanskrit, hence the name Madhukeshwaraswamy Temple.

The Sri mukha lingeswara temple has eight lingas on eight sides besides the Garbalaya. The mother is Varahidevi, one of the Sapta Matrikas . The rest are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Indrani. They are incarnations of Goddess Parvati. The sculptures Varahavataram, Vamanavataram, the sun, the statue was to be. Bhimeshwar Temple is in ruins. There are idols of Brahma and Ganapati with four faces of Kumaraswamy and Dakshinamoorthy. Someshwara Temple has only a sanctum sanctorum. No facade.

The high peak is covered with a stone. It’s the same. Once struck, a piece of rock fell to the ground. If that piece alone could not move about 50 people together, the greatness and ingenuity of the sculptors of that time can be understood by considering how the whole stone was raised and set up in those days.

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The seven-tongue fire idol, the idols of Ganesha, Kashi Annapurna, Nataraja, Kumaraswamy, and Hariharadeva, Some erotic sculptures are also carved here.

Zulu sculptural decorations on the walls of Sri mukha lingeswara temple:  The sculptures in the temple courtyard appear on a single stone and impress the onlookers. The sculptures of Goddess Parvati in the Sri mukha lingeswara temple are reminiscent of the architectural treasures of Arunachal Pradesh. This scene is not seen anywhere except in Arunachal Pradesh and Srimukha Lingam.

The Shiva Parvati faces north on a red rock. Ganapati, Suryanarayana, Ammavaru, Vishnumurti, and Lord Shiva can be seen sitting in one place in the sanctum sanctorum. That is why the myths say that it is a panchayat shrine.

There are Ashtaganapatis in the Srimukha lingam. Vyasa Maharshi is said to have initiated Vyasa Ganapati before writing the Panchamveda texts. Excavations here have unearthed a statue of Veenapani Saraswati and a statue of the Jain prophet Mahavira. These were preserved in the Mukhalingalayam. Several inscriptions were also found here.

According to them, the Mukhalingalaya was built in AD. It is believed that the second Kamarna was built by a king in the 10th century and his son Aniyanka Bhima Vajrahastu built the Bhimeshwara temple. Both are Kalingarajas. It also seems that Kamarna shifted his capital from Dantanagaram to here.

Sri mukha lingeswara temple

Timings to visit Sri mukha lingeswara temple

05:00 AM – 08:30 PM


Shanthi Homam – 516/-
Rudrabhishekam – 516/-
Nithya Kalyanam – 1116/-
Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja – 280/-
Saswatha Kalyanam (yearly once) – 10000/-
Saswatha Abhishekam (yearly once) – 3500/-
Saswatha Annadhana – 1116/-

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Festivals celebrate at Sri mukha lingeswara temple

Maha Shivaratri, Karthika Masam

How to Reach Sri mukha lingeswara temple

By Air: Visakhapatnam Airport – 165 km

By train: Srikakulam – 46 km, Amadalavalasa Railway Station – 45 km

By Bus: Srikakulam – 35 km


Sri mukha lingeswara temple, Mukhalingam, Andhra Pradesh 532428, India.

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