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About Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple

Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple is known as Chokkanath, Chokkanath as Perumal and Kulothungachola as Embarumannar Vinnagar. Historians say that the temple has a historical connection with Tamil Nadu Soumyanathudanna, Chokkanathudanna means beautiful. Soumyanatha means gentleman Sri Laxmi Devi means gentleman. Swami Moola Virat is seven feet high and is very gently sealed.

The inscriptions confirm that Soumyanathaswamy Moola Virat was enshrined in the Soumyanathalayam in the village of Nandalur by the artisan Brahma Manasa Putrudu,  Triloka Sanchari, Lokakalyanakarakudu, Kalahapriyudu Narada.

Even though there is no lamp to light up in the evening to the morning, with or without Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple rutile has emerged as the miracle that built the temple. Swami is also clearly visible from a distance of one hundred yards to the main entrance of the sanctum sanctorum. The sculptors built it so that the sun’s rays would radiate on Swami’s feet one day in the year.

Another temple in the temple is to be entered from the stone pavilion as soon as one enters the temple. The front part of the pavilion is on either side of the lion’s head shape on the summit. Lion heads are mounted on the roof of any temple. But a part of the inner pavilion of the Soumyanatha Swamy temple appears to be covered with lion heads. So the lion heads at the top of the temple are inside the temple.  It looks like there is another temple underground. It is said to be a Shiva temple at the bottom of a stone pavilion.

Mermaid, Lion symbols temple kudyapi inside on the part of the seafood, there are signs of a lion. The fish are shaped. The locals believe that when large-scale floods occur in the future and flood the temple, the fish on top of the temple will come to life and join the floods. That is to say, it means that by then the end to the Kali Yuga.

During the 11th century, the Chola dynasty king Kulothunga Chola initiated the construction of the Sri Soumyanathaswamy Temple. The construction of the temple by the Chola, Pandya, Kakatiya, and Vijayanagara kings continued till the 17th century. The temple was famous during the reign of the Pathirajas. The Rajagopuram was built by Kakatiya Prataparudra in the 12th century. The village of Tallapaka, the birthplace of the famous lyricist Tallapaka Annamacharya, is located near Nandalur. Wrote romantic psalms on Swami.

The temple is spread over an area of ​​about 10 acres with 180 pillars and a vast architecturally elaborate architecture of Vaikhanasa and Vaishnavism. It is stated in the inscriptions that there is a grant of 120 acres for this temple. At the Lion Gate is the galley tower, the north tower, and the south tower gates. The temple has a stone lamp post, an altar, a flagpole, a garuda mandir, a fish pavilion, an Anjaneya mandapam, a small pavilion, Jayawijaya, Ankurparana pavilion, a kitchen, Sri Yoganarasimhaswamy, a sculpture, and a space. There is a large corner in the temple premises.

There are 54 inscriptions in the temple. The earliest inscription is dated to 167 AD, dating to 1078 AD. Most of these are donation legislation. It is now clear that there is nothing in these inscriptions. The Soumyanathaswamy Temple in Nandalur was the first Vaishnava temple in the middle of the 11th century AD. The idols of the Alvars were on the same stone pedestal, now they are not. Some of these were destroyed, said to have moved to the Archaeological Museum.

Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple is known as the God who fulfills the desires of the people. There is a strong belief among the devotees that the wishes will be fulfilled if they make nine rounds around the sanctum sanctorum. It is becoming a field tradition to make 108 rounds around the sanctum sanctorum after the wishes were fulfilled. Devotees believe that infertility is caused by those who pray to the Lord. If you visit and remember the Lord, your sins will be removed.

Timings to visit 

 06:00 AM – 01:00 PM | 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Sevas Perform at Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple

  • Abhishekam on Friday’s
  • Kalyanotsavam – June/July months

How to reach Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple

By Air: Renigunta International Airport – 110 km

By Train: Tirupati Railway Station – 102 km, Kadapa Railway Station – 42 km, Rajampeta Railway Station – 11 km

By Bus: Kadapa – 45 km, Rajampet – 10 km, Tirupati – 98 km.


Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple, Nandalur, 516150 Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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