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About Rayachoti Veerabhadra Swamy

The Veerabhadra Swamy temple itself is 1000-years old. According to the legends, Sati was the youngest daughter of Daksha, the chief of the gods. When Sati grew up she set her heart on Shiva, worshipping him in secret. In the Swayamvara of Sati, Daksha invited all gods and princes except Shiva. Sati cast her wreath into the air, calling upon Shiva to receive the garland; and behold him stood in the midst of the court with the wreath about his neck. Daksha had no choice but to share Sati with Shiva.

One day Daksha made arrangements for a great horse sacrifice and invited all the gods except  Shiva. Sati was enraged by this deliberate exclusion of Shiva and set out to attend, and confront her father Daksha. She instructed her father that Shiva was the Supreme Being of the Universe and demanded her father Rayachoti. Daksha then went on to insult Shiva; and as Sati’s rage at the disrespect toward Shiva peaked, she declared to her father, I will tolerate no more of your filth and she released the inner consuming fire, and fell dead at Daksha’s feet.

Then Lord Shiva came to know about this incident through meditation and became furious at the non-righteous yagna. Shiva burned with anger, and tore a lock of hair, glowing with energy in Kailas Rayachoti. At that moment, was born the son of Lord Shiva, Lord Veerabhadra, the destroyer of agnana, sprang from it, his tall body reached the high heavens, he was dark as the clouds, he had a thousand arms, three burning eyes, and fiery hair; he wore a garland of skulls and carried terrible weapons. Veerabhadra bowed at Shiva’s feet and asked for his will. Shiva replied, ‘Spoil the sacrifice of Daksha’.

Then the mighty Veerabhadra, having heard the pleasure of his lord, bowed down his head to the feet of Shiva; and starting like a lion loosed from bonds, despoiled the sacrifice of Daksha, knowing that this had been created by the displeasure of Devi. She took in her wrath, as the fearful goddess Rudrakali, accompanied him, with all her train, to witness his deeds. – Vayu Purana Shiva directed Veerabhadra: “Lead my army against Daksha and destroy his sacrifice; fear not the Brahmans, for thou art a portion of my very self.

On this direction of Shiva, Veerabhadra appeared with Shiva’s ganas amid Daksha’s assembly like a storm and broke the sacrificial vessels, polluted the offerings, insulted the priests and finally cut off Daksha’s head, trampled on Indra, broke the staff of Yama, scattered the gods on every side; then he returned to Kailas Rayachoti. When confronted with Vishnu, according to Skanda Purana, Veerabhadra defeats Vishnu which seems improbable since Lord Vishnu is the killer of Demons.

This is a temple Rayachoti for Lord Veerabhadra with a tall tower. Daksha appears in worshipping form near the Lord in the sanctum sanctorum. The Shiva Lingam worshipped by Sage Mandavya is on the right of the Lord. The first puja is dedicated to the Shivalinga and then to Lord Veerabhadra.

During morning hours Lord appears in Bala rupa and as a hero with a mustache in evening hours. As in Lord Vishnu temples, here too Sadari blessing with the lotus feet of the Lord is offered to devotees. Betel leaf is the Prasada in the temple Rayachoti. Sri Nandeeswarar blesses from a shrine with Vimana outside the Rajagopuram. Opposite the shrine of Lord Veerabhadra,, there are two Nandhis-Veera Nandi and Shiva Nandi for Lords Veerabhadra and Shiva Rayachoti. They are just a little away from the sanctum sanctorum. There is also a Nandi before Ambica Badrakali.

The rays of the Sun fall on Lord Veerabhadra Swamy for five days in March. The rays fall on the feet of the Lord on the first day and go upward each day and touch the face on the fifth day.

Timings to visit Rayachoti Veerabhadra Swamy

  05:00 AM – 12:30 PM | 04:00 PM – 08:30 PM

Seva Details



Nandi Pooja500/-
Vahana pooja 2 wheeler50/-
Vahana Pooja 4 Wheeler100/-
Astottara Bilvarchana50/-
Aku Pooja50/-
Kesha Kandana25/-

Saswatha Pooja Details



Nitya Naivedhya1516/-
Amavasya Pooja4000/-

Festivals celebrate 

Spilling the rice – Following Sivarathri pujas in February-March, Brahmostavam is celebrated for 11 days in the temple. The killing of Daksha event takes place on the eighth day. A quantity of 365 measures of rice is cooked with pumpkins and other preparations as Athirasam and roots. It is heaped as a hill. They spilled it throughout the place with the sword of Lord Veerabhadra violently as the yagasala of Daksha was ransacked by Veerabhadra according to the ancient story. This rice is offered as Prasad. During this event, Lord Veerabhadra will have the forehead eye as Lord Shiva.

Masi Brahmotsavam – February – March

Thirukarthikai – Karthika Masam

How to Reach Rayachoti Veerabhadra Swamy

By Air: Kadapa Airport

By Train: Kadapa Railway Station – 48 km, Kadiri  – 55 km, Rajampeta – 57 km

By Bus: Kadapa – 47 km, Kadiri – 53 km, Rajampeta – 59, Kalikiri 45 km


Sri Badhrakaali sametha Veerabhadra Swamy Devasthanam, Rayachoti, kadapa District, 516269, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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