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History of Bhairavakona Temple

The name Bhairavakona originated from temple of Sri Trimukha Durgamba Mahadevi along with Sri Barguleshwara Swamy temple is present at that place and Kaala Bhairava Swamy guards the location. The main deity has three faces in which Goddess Saraswathi Devi is seeing her face in the mirror. The temple is carved from a single stone, Eka Sila. The 8 forms of Lord Shiva are Sheshanaga, Rudra, Vishweswara, Nagarikeswara, Bhargeswara, Rameswara, Mallikarjuna, Pakshamalika Linga

It is an ancient Shiva temple. There is a waterfall that falls from a height of 200 meters and there are eight temples carved in the hill there and the moonlight falls on the idol of goddess Parvati at temple on Kartika Poornima day.

Bhairavakona Waterfalls
Bhairavakona Waterfalls

Timings to visit Bhairavakona Temple

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Festivals celebrate

Shivaratri, Karthika Masam

How to Reach Bhairavakona Temple

By Air: Tirupati Airport – 234 km, Kadapa Airport – 118.5 km

By Train: Ongole – 140 km, Nellore – 145 km, Kavali – 121.5 km, Mydukur – 123 km

 By Bus: Udayagiri – 43 km, Seetharamapuram – 15 km, pamur – 23 km


Bhairavakona Temple, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh – 523112, India.

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Bhairavakona Temple Location


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