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About Brahmamgari Matham

Sri Veerabrahmam gari mutt is the place of worship in which the samadhi of Veerabrahmendra Swami has housed the samadhi of Eswaramma is housed in a Brahmamgari Matham. There are tombs of Veerabrahmam’s wife, his son Pothuluri and others around the main tomb. There is a big house adjoining the samadhi towards the west inhabited by the successors of Veerabrahmendra Swami. Pedda Peeraiah gari mutt with his portrait and wooden sandals is the place of religious importance in Kothapalle, another hamlet of Somireddy Palle.

Veerabrahmam is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Bhoodevi went to Lord Vishnu, apprised him of the immoral condition of the world, reminded Him of His promise that He would be born in each yuga to destroy the wicked and to protect the good, and prayed for rescuing the world from its fallen state. Lord Vishnu conferred with Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma and convinced them that his proposed tenth avatar as Kalki in kali yuga was not enough to reform the world.

He had to fight against a single Rakshasa only in his previous incarnation, whereas numberless individuals had turned worse than Rakshasas and the fight was against the vast multitude. Several preliminary incarnations were necessary to prepare the world for the final Kalki avatar. Lord Vishnu was born as veerabrahmam in the viswabrahmin family.

Lord Siva was born as ananda Singh to Vijaya Singh, the ruler of Benares. When Vijaya Singh tried to get him married, it was predicted that he was destined not to marry. While hunting ananda Singh killed a cow by mistake. To wash off the sin he became a sanyasi and undertook a pilgrimage for the darshan saints and sages. He met veerabrahmam at Harihar in Mysore state on the bank of Tungabhadra.

Veerabrahmam Swamy revealed to him that he was an incarnation of Lord Siva and that he should be born in a Muslim family for the sin of having killed a cow. Ananda yogi returned home and resided till his death there only. Brahma was born as Annajayya to the viswabrahmin couple, Viswatmaka and Mayadevini of  South India. Annajayya also became a sanyasi and met Veerabrahma at Banaganapalle.The Veerappaiah revealed to him that he was Vishnu, annaayya was Brahma and Ananda Singh of Kasi was Siva who had to take another birth in a Muslim family.

After Veerabrahmam joined  Kandimallayapalle, Sri Mahalakshmi was born as Govindamma to Siva Kotaiah by the grace of Mahalakshmi when the parents thought of her marriage, Govindamma told them that she had already made a selection of her husband. Veerabrahmam went to  Peddakomerla, the place of Siva Kotaiah, brought back to life the only son of the village Munciff and showed some other miracles and preached his Kalagnana.

Lord Vishnu is said to have revealed his identity both to Govindamma and Siva Kotaiah and consequently Govindamma was given in marriage to Veerabrahmam. They begot three sons and a daughter Led by Veerabrahmam, Ananda Singh, and Annajayya reformed the society by their preachings and warned them of the coming invasion of the country by Muslims who would force Hindus to embrace Islam.

Veerabhojayacharyudu was the head of the Papagni mutt near the Nandi Hills in Mysore state. When he was at Banaganapalli he became a servant in the house of Garimireddy Atchamma who employed him to look after her herd of cows. Garimireddy Atchamma, when told by the villagers of the risk of her herd of cows being exposed to tigers, went in advance to the forest and hid behind a bush to watch the conduct of Veerabrahmam. Veerabrahmam let the herd on a grassy plot, drew a line enclosing the herd, sat in a cave, and engaged himself in writing Kala Jnanam inside that dark cave in the light emanating from his eyes.

Achamma fell upon his feet and got brahmopadesam. Veerabrahmam is also known as Veerappaiah and Veerambothaiah. He gave sight to the son of Atchamma who had been born blind. He converted mutton that was served to him in plates by the Nawab of Banaganapalle into sweets and fruits. He buried the Kalagnanam volumes underground and left to Kandimallayapalle.

There he was treated as a madman and was even called Verri Veerabrahmam. Hoping for an improvement in him they advised him to get married. He visited  Hyderabad when the Nawab invited him. When veerabrahmam wanted oil to light the lamp for worship, the Nawab sent a pot full of water. Veerabrahmam placed mere wicks in the lamp and asked the Nawab himself to pour into the lamp the oil he had sent. The Nawab did so and when he lit the lamp, it burned brilliantly. He toured several places, showed many miracles, converted several, including the Nawab of Siddavat, as his disciples, and finally entered  Samadhi on Sunday.

Sri Veerabrahmam is a great saint who is revered throughout the country and particularly in Rayalaseema for his preaching and his book Kala Jnanam which relates predictions of future happenings. In Kadapa and Kurnool districts the elder generation frequently speaks of the several predictions of the great sage of Kandimallayapalle having come true though they sounded whimsical at that time. Nobody could believe that vehicles could move without harnessing animals, that lamps would burn not with oil but with water and that the state would be ruled from tents at Kurnool.

Eswaramma was the granddaughter of Veerabrahmam and the daughter of Govindaiah. There was mutual love between her and Ranga Raju Who was born to Jaggaiah, a Zamindar of  Nagiripadu  in Rajampet taluk. Ranga Raju concluded by an inscription on a copper plate given to his father by Veerabrahmam that he was ordained to marry a girl of the Veerabrahmam family. When Ranga Raju went all the way to Kandimallayapalle, Govindaiah, father of Eswaramma, objected to an alliance as they belong to different castes.

Pothuluraiah, the eldest son of Veerabrahmam and Ranga Raju went to Banaganapalli in Kurnool district to Garimireddy Atchamma’s house where the book was buried in an underground granary. They wanted to look into the Kala Jnanam, the voluminous book of Palmyra leaves Written by veerabrahmam in which several future happenings were predicted and recorded. But they could take only one volume. The other volumes changed into enraged poisonous cobras and hissed them away. According to the interpretation of Ranga Raju to one of the passages, he was ordained to enter an Agni Gundam and Eswaramma to remain a maid to marry Ranga Raju in his next birth as Veera Vasantharaya.

Festivals celebrate 

  • Sri Veerabrahmamgari festival – 3 days on each occasion from Vaisakha Sudha Dasami (April-May)
  • Bahula Chaturdashi (February-March)
  • The first festival is the Aradhana of the Veerabrahmam saint who entered Jeeva samadhi on – Vaisakha Suddha Dasami.

How to Reach Brahmamgari Matham

By Air: Tirupati Airport – 196 km,

By Train: Kadapa Railway Station – 63 km,

By Bus: Kadapa – 60 km, Mydukur – 25 km,


Brahmamgari Matham, Palugurallapalle(V), Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh 516503, India.

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