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The Elephants for the famous Mysore Dasara were trained at Dubare elephant camp. But presently after logging operations have ceased, the Forest Department does not know what to do with all its elephants! They have been practically retired except for giving some rides to odd tourists. At the same time, the Forest Department spends quite some money to maintain them and their mahouts. With this as a background, Jungle Lodges & Resorts has struck upon a unique idea to utilize the Elephants at Dubare Camp to provide the tourists with ‘an intimate experience with Elephants’. JLR seeks to build upon the unending fascination that man has for Elephants!

At the Dubare Elephant Camp, a visitor can spend hours simply watching Elephants and ofcourse, learning more about them. A trained Naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology, and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving Elephants. Guests would leave our camp feeling enriched and enlightened about Elephants and hopefully they would become sensitive to their plight in the wild and join the lobby to save them from extinction.

1. Camping: Despite exploring the Elephant Camp for tuskers, camping on the bank of river Kaveri is an excellent way to spend the weekend for nature lovers. There are certain picnic and camping spots nearby, embraced with the electric fences, to keep the campers protected from the tuskers and other elephants.

The whole area has a great flora for coffee plantations and other exotic plants. So, travelers can take in the smell of fresh fruits and veggies too. Meanwhile, some other areas around the Kaveri River are flanked by Bamboo trees with paddy fields in between. The whole scene comes across as a picture or a painting.

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And at night, travelers can sit, chat, and read or watch something under the mesmerizing sheet of bare stars.

2. Elephant Safari: From 10 AM to 12 PM and from 4 PM to 5 PM, elephant rides can be booked in the Dubare Elephant Camp. The ride lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes in and around the forest.

Every traveler can view the great perimeter of the jungle from the top of the elephant, while the trained specialists, walking side by side, will guide you about everything and anything.

3. Elephant Interaction: While on a trip to this camp, a traveler gets the opportunity to engage with the tuskers and other common elephants in the forest. Along with that, a mahout will always tend the elephants. They know the history, daily habits, biology, and so much more about these elephants in the camp.

They help you feed the elephants with ragi, jaggery, bananas, coconuts, and other food items. Travelers can embrace and caress the skin of the elephants or watch them carry on their daily activities from afar.

Also, the visitors would not need to worry about any harm or mistake while interacting with the elephants. The reason is that the assigned mahout is always present there. And the elephants are specially trained by these mahouts.

4. Bathe An Elephant: By the Kaveri river bank, tuskers gather around 9 AM for bathing or drinking the water. And the mahout is also present with them. So, travelers are given a chance for about 45 minutes to bathe the elephants.

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5. Wildlife Film Show At Gol Ghar: Travellers often visit the picturesque Viceroy’s bungalow, which is today referred to as the Gol Ghar. Visitors can indulge in conference meetings as well here.

And after a great trip to Jungle Safari, the famous wildlife movie is shown to the visitors. The whole content about wildlife animals like dogs, deers, elephants, and more is rather engaging and entertaining for the young kids. The movie lasts from 30-60 minutes, so the families can grab their favorite snacks to munch on while watching the movie about wildlife at the Camp.

6. Jeep Safari Into Dubare Forest: The guests staying at the lodges offered by the Jungle Lodges and Resorts can avail the benefit of this Jeep Safari in the middle of the Elephant Camp.

Many animals like deer, gaur, Sambar, Spotted Deer, tuskers, and others are spotted via the Jeep Safari.

Whereas, in case of indulging in a thorough bird-watching activity during the Jeep Safari, travelers get to see Hornbill, Barbets, Parakeet, and other birds as well.


All days in a week – 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Entry Fee

● Rs.5,335/- per room per night for Indians (River View Cottage)
● Rs.8,120/- per room per night for foreign tourists (River View Cottage)
● Rs.4,720/- per cottage per night for Indians (Cottage)
● Rs.7,400/- per cottage per night for foreign tourists (Cottage)
● Rs.1,310/- per person for Indians (Day Visit)
● Rs.2,250/- per person for foreign tourists (Day Visit)
● Rs.670/- per person for Indians (Elephant Camp Activities)
● Rs.1,447/- per person for foreign tourists (Elephant Camp Activities)

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How to Reach

By Air: Mangalore Airport – 180 km, Bangalore – 230kms.
By Rail: Mysore railway station – 100 km.
By Road: Bangalore – 240 km.


Dubare Elephant Camp Coorg, Kushalnagar, Coorg District, Nanjarayapatna, Karnataka, 571234, India.

Official Site for Jungle Lodges & Resorts

Official Site of Karnataka Tourism – Dubare Elephant Camp

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