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The Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple shrine in Nemaligundla along with scorpion gold and is said to be the oldest temple located in a dense black forest area Giddaluru Zone of the Prakasam District. There is a large forest about four miles west of the Jellyfish Pond. Gundlakammanadi, which originates in Gundla Brahmeshwaram, is a tributary of the Nallamala Hills that flows back to the north between the two hills and into the peacocks of the fisherman. The hills on three sides of the shrine are known as the Srirangam Hills.

Bayanna and Bayakka, a Chenchu couple, lived in a dune in the Nallamalla hills. Their only daughter’s name is Ranga formerly known as Chenchulakshmi. One day, her parents decided to get her to married. The bridegroom, disgusted with his caste system, disagreed with the chiefs, left Chenchugudem with the idea of marrying Lord Vishnu, and reached Nemiligundam, where he expressed his affection for Mayara Maharshi.

At that time, Mayura Maharshi, who was consuming Srimannarayana, told her that penance is the best way to fulfill your desire. Chenchulakshmi (Ranga) both went into deep penance to get married to Mayura Maharshi for a visit to Srimannarayana and he came to fulfill their wishes. Admiring Chenchulakshmi’s devotion, Srimannarayana married her and settled in these peacocks as Ranganayaka Swamy.

Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

Unaware of this, Lakshmi became anxious in Vaikuntha as she could not recognize Vaikuntha’s presence. Finally, she set out to find the Lord and finally recognizes Narayana who has reached next to Chenchu. When Narayana told Chenchulakshmi that she was also your sister, the happy Lakshmi found herself in peacock shells. She accepted Chenchulakshmi as her sister. Mayura Maharshi, who worships Srimannarayana, took the form of Swami Shila, who promised to measure himself here and fulfill the wishes of the devotees.

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He also blessed the place as a prosperous Ranganaika Kshetra. Then the Nemaligundam Ranganayaka Swamy Temple who took the form of a stone would give us a vision of the form of the protagonists. The temple was later built by the locals to glorify Srimannarayana as Ranga Swamy, who was worshiped by Mayura Maharshi.

Legend has it that the place Once upon a time, a sage named Mayura Maharshi built an ashram here and meditated on Lord Vishnu. It is known that he once drew a map of a pool with his nose and the next morning there was a pool (Gundam or shells). It is said that the pool was shaped like a peacock, hence the name Nemaligundla. It is said that the Ranganayakaswamy Temple located there is known as the Ranganayaka Temple of Nemaligundla.

There is a peacock Gundam in front of the temple. It is also known as the Eastern Plateau. At the end of this eastern plateau, Ranganayakaswamy’s conch, chakra, and names are visible. But it is said that all these scenes are visible only to the pious. The cobra nest in the temple is very unique and sacred.

Lakshmi, Ganapati, Shiva, Veerabrahmendraswamy and Siddappa are worshiped along with Ranganaika Swamy in the Nemaligundla temple. Devotees also worship the idols of Umamaheswaraswamy, Kumaraswamy, and Sree Lakshmi Venkateswaraswamy along with Parvati.

Varaha Vishnu: There are idols of Gandharvas and Garuda on the dome of the temple. Between them is a statue of Varahaswamy. Swami is worshiped by calling him Varahavishnu. Here Bee attacks if loyalty is missed in the Temple. It is said that Maurudane Maharshi performed penance with the same initiation to please Lord Vishnu. Gundam was dug with his nose, hence the name ‘Nemaligundam’. Devotees going to this temple have to abide by the highest precepts.

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It is said that those who are infected and menstruate will not get Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple Darshan if they leave. It is said that when they come close to the field, the bees sting and chase them out. So many people go back without seeing Swami.

This Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple of Akhilandeswara is measured by all, regardless of caste or creed. Harijan families living in the forests visit the Swami here in droves and return to their homes with a fond memory of Rangadi. That is why the scorpion gold of the devotees is the protagonist of the peacock. Those who visit the conical Chakra Namas on the eastern plateau here are known as Srirangam Navidyathe Punarjanma Navidyate. Peacock Water Falls: Born in Gundla Brahmeshwaram, Gundlakammanadi, a Pool in the Nallamala Hills, returns to the fishing peacocks between the two hills on the north side.

Timings to visit Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

06:00 AM – 06:00 PM

*Note: The temple is open only on Saturdays

Festivals celebrate at Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

  • Brahmotsavam,
  • Kalyanotsavam
  • Theppotsavam
  • Chaitra Shuddha Punnama, Bahula Padyami, and Vidhiya 

How to Reach 

By Air: Tirupati International Airport – 263 km, Vijayawada Airport – 293 km

By Train: Giddalur Railway Station – 22.4 km, NAndyala – 77.9 km, Markapuram Railway Station – 68.8 km, Narasaraopeta – 176 km

By Bus: Badvel – 103 km, Macherla – 163 km, Narasarao Peta – 181 km, Nandyala – 77.8 km


Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Isukagundam Gudem, Andhra Pradesh, 523357, India.

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Nemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple MapNemaligundla Ranganayaka Swamy Temple And Waterfalls 


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