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About Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple

It is believed to be a 1000 years old temple and Sri Rama Chandra Swamy is a deity built on a huge rock on a hill named Bavikonda where river Champa flows at the foot of Neelachal Hills.. In Dwapara, Yuga Pandavas wandered in this area at the time of their Aranyavasa. They requested Sri Krishna Paramatma to be with them but he very politely declined. Bhagvan Sri Krishna blessed them and gave idols of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana, his previous incarnation. He advised the Pandavas to worship the idols as his own form.

Throughout their aranyavasam, Pandavas regularly performed archanas to idols of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana. When they left the place, they entrusted the idols of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana to Srivaikhanasa Vaishnava Swami to continue performing archanas to the idols. Later on there was increased influence of Buddha in this region. There was a fear that the Buddhists may destroy these idols so the surviving clan of Vedagarba hid these idols under the earth and left. Later during the 16th Century, Sri Poosapati Sitharama Chandra Gajapathi Maharaja of present Vizianagaram Maharaja Dynasty built his fort at Kumbhilapura, and ruled the kingdom from the fort. His people went to the forest to cut wood and make a livelihood.

One day there was a heavy thunderstorm that was extremely destructive. People ran helter-skelter all over the place. They were all afraid. A dumb old lady among them took shelter under the shade of banyan tree and started praying to Lord Ramachandra. The Lord appeared before her and wrote beejakshara Sri Rama on her tongue. Immediately she got her speech and prostrated to the Lord Sri Rama Chandra. The Lord advised her to inform the king about the idols.

Lord told her to mention that the idols that belonged to Dwaparayuga are submerged in water around the region. The Lord said that the idols should be taken out and installed in a temple. After advising his devotee the Lord Sri Ramachandra

The rain subsided but before the old lady informed the king he dreamed of Lord Ramachandra who told the king that a lady who was dumb from birth has her speech back. Therefore, whatever she advises should be carried out. As soon as he woke up the king ordered his guards to bring the old lady to the palace. Obeying the king, they brought the old lady before the king. She narrated all that she had experienced.

Sri Pusapati Seetharamachandra Maharaja went to the area with his men. They found the idols of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana under the water of a pond and removed the idols from there. On Bheeshma Ekadasi, an auspicious day, the idols of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana were established and installed on this Swethachalam, as Lord Rama was found in Theertha and the Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple was named as Ramatheertham. Thus Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple, Ramatheertham Temple, was made. Near Sri Pusapati Seetharamachandra Maharaja Palace there is a hill named Neelachalam.

There are traces of Pandavas movements such as Bheema’s head and cave, the echoing rocks, fire-kiln and places where Pandavas stayed. The turmeric stones, Seethamma Vari puritimancham are present even today. On this hill there is a temple of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana that was constructed at the time. Archana are performed even to this day.


NameTicket CostPersons Allowed
Ammavari Astothara Satha Kunkumarchana25/-1
Ammavari Sahasranamarchana50/-1
Antharalyam Darasnam10/-1
Astothara Sathanamarchana10/-1
Danvantaari Homam516/-1
Darshanam SP20/-1
Ekavara Abishekam15/-1
Nitya Kalyanam RTM1500/-1
Rudra Abishekam150/-1
Saswatha Nitya Kalanam7500/-3
Saswatha Nitya Pooja216/-1
Sudarshana Homam516/-1



Ticket Cost

Person Allowed

Anthralaya Darshanam New10/-1
Darshanam SP20/-1
Seegra Darshanam50/-1
Sivalayam Darshanam10/-1
Sivalayam Seegra Darshanam50/-1

Timings to visit Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple

07:30AM – 11:30AM  | 12:30 PM – 07:30 PM

Festivals Celebrate

SriRama Navami, Ugadi, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Navaratri.

How to Reach Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple

By Air: Vishakapatanam Airport – 64 kms

By Train: Vizianagaram Railway station – 16 km

By Bus:  Vizianagaram Bus station – 15 kms


Ramatheertham Sri Ramaswamy Vari Temple, Nellimerla, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh – 535218, India.

AP Official website of Sri Ramaswamy Vari Devasthanam

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